Why Is the Prognosis for Nail Melanoma Much Worse than Skin?

Yes, melanoma can grow in the nail unit, and it’s a well-known fact among dermatologists that this type of melanoma has a poor prognosis. “Nail melanoma, which is in the category of acral lentiginous melanoma [...]

How Ugly Can a Tiny Melanoma Look?

Tiny melanoma, 1.6 mm. Source: Dermatol Pract Concept. 2013 Apr. Copyright ©2013 Pellizzari et al. Articles and pamphlets refer to melanoma as the “ugly duckling” or “ugly mole.” But how “ugly” or “different” [...]

6 Year Old’s Nail Mole Likely Melanoma or just a Birth Mark?

A mother of a six year old wanted to know if an elongated mole in her child’s nail could possibly be melanoma. How likely would this just be a harmless mark of pigmentation from birth? [...]

Severely Atypical Mole with Regression: Time to Worry

If you have a severely atypical, irregular or dysplastic mole that’s showing signs of regression (new areas of milky-white color), this is very worrisome for melanoma. A white “spot” in a mole isn’t always cancerous, [...]

Can Melanoma Cause Weird Feelings in a Mole?

That one particular mole, or maybe several of them, are generating weird feelings. Could this mean melanoma? This isn’t about itching. It’s about weird sensations that seem to be coming from a mole that’s gotten [...]

What Is a Micro-Hutchinson’s Sign?

Blue arrows point to Hutchinson’s sign from melanoma shown under magnification. Copyright ©2018 Bhat et al If you know what a Hutchinson’s sign is, perhaps you’re wondering just what is a micro-Hutchinson’s sign [...]

Nodular Melanoma: What You Should Know About this Killer

Nodular melanoma is a particularly lethal form of cancer that disregards the ABCDE guidelines that are so publicized about melanoma. Delayed diagnosis is more common with nodular melanoma than with the more common superficial spreading [...]

Is a Mole Normal if It’s Brown and Grey or Can It Be Melanoma?

A normal mole is supposed to be one color, or at least, two shades of a color. But brown and grey are two completely different colors. Is this melanoma? […]

How Fast Actinic Keratosis Turns into Squamous Cell Carcinoma?

Actinic keratosis Though most squamous cell carcinomas were once actinic keratoses, most AK’s will not turn into cancer. However, it’s impossible to predict which lesions will eventually begin undergoing a malignant transformation. [...]

Do ALL Nail Melanomas Have a Hutchinson’s Sign?

The Hutchinson’s sign is a very tell-tale sign of fingernail or toenail melanoma. Further complicating this issue is that benign pigment in a nail can mimic a true Hutchinson’s sign. […]

Two Big Warning Signs You May Have Nail Melanoma

Yes, melanoma can affect a fingernail or toenail, and there are two major warning signs that what you see is a potentially deadly tumor — also known as subungual melanoma. […]

Can an Irritated Skin Tag Turn into Cancer?

Skin tags are common and depending on their location are prone to irritation including bleeding. Can an irritated skin tag, however, actually transform into cancer such as melanoma? […]

Part of the Body Melanoma Most Often Grows in Dark Skin

There are certain parts of the body that melanoma is more likely to grow in blacks and other dark skinned individuals. People with dark skin are not immune to melanoma, especially since this skin cancer [...]

Malignant Melanoma vs. Benign: The Difference

Have you seen the term “benign melanoma” or “non-malignant melanoma” and thus wonder what the difference is between malignant and benign melanoma? • “Mela” refers to pigment-producing cells (melanocytes) • “Oma” refers to mass or [...]

Bump Under Eyelid: Skin Cancer or Chalazion Cyst?

What are the hallmark features that would point towards skin cancer vs. a chalazion cyst if you have a bump under the eyelid? Many people quickly think of cancer when they discover a “bump” somewhere [...]

Percentage of Mole Biopsies that Come Back Melanoma?

If you’ve ever had a mole removed for biopsy, have you ever wondered what the mathematical odds were of it coming back as melanoma? It’s unimaginable how many moles every year in the U.S. or [...]