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Founded in 2012, has established itself as a leader for providing visitors in-depth information about their symptoms — not the template information of most other medical sites, but information straight from interviewed doctors that digs very deep into the issue.

What sets apart from the rest?

Most of the information here comes straight from interviewed physicians and other medical professionals who give detailed explanations that go beyond the generic, recycled symptom information found on other medical sites.

The expert sources for are respected and credible leaders in their medical field.

Furthermore, there is considerable content based on the firsthand caregiving experience of’s founder, Lorra Garrick, regarding the following medical conditions that have affected her parents:

• Quintuple bypass surgery
• Mitral valve replacement
• Pacemaker implant
• Congestive/chronic heart failure
• Two total knee replacements
• One knee revision surgery
• Two total hip replacements
• Two brain surgeries
• Three back surgeries
• Three shoulder surgeries
• Knee arthroscopy
• Herniated disc/sciatica
• Double carpal tunnel syndrome/surgery
• Pneumonia
• Low thyroid
• Clinical depression
• Peripheral neuropathy
• Diverticulitis
• Side effects from medications
• Mobility issues

In addition, Lorra writes about her own experiences with the following:

• Changing moles and mole removal
• Seborrheic keratosis
• Seborrheic dermatitis
• Finger pain/cramp (annular flexor pulley injury)
• Shoulder pain (rotator cuff injury)
• Biceps tendonitis
• Low backache
• Heel pain/burning heels (plantar fasciitis)
• Chondromalacia patella
• Quadriceps tendonitis
• Sudden-onset diarrhea (microscopic colitis)
• Change in stool caliber/color (microscopic colitis)
• Missed periods
• Headaches
• Sudden-onset dry mouth
• Continuous coughing (acid reflux)
• Beeturia
• Medial epichondylitis (golfer’s elbow)
• Hamstring injury
• Clicking jaw
• Blocked ears upon waking
• Ganglion cyst
• Sprained ankle
• Sprained wrist
• PVCs
• Twitching muscles
• Panic attacks
• Actinic keratosis
• Benign paroxysmal positional vertigo
• Prophylactic double mastectomy (sister diagnosed with breast cancer)
• Broken collarbone
• ASD-1, then, provides content that burrows deep into all facets of symptoms, from both the professional perspectives of esteemed physicians and also from a prolific writer who has been passionate since high school about health, fitness and strength.

Let’s put it this way: If you want to know the symptoms of colon cancer, any medical site will list these.

But if you want to know just what exactly “constipation alternating with diarrhea” means (and this symptom is definitely open to interpretation), covers it.

And if all the melanoma pamphlets and online guidelines say to look out for moles at least the size of a pencil eraser…does this mean that a one-millimeter spot can’t be melanoma?

And just why do ALS sites appear on the first page of a search for “cause of muscle twitching”? picks up where the pamphlet-type information of other medical sites leaves off.

The Autistic Advantage

In spring of 2022, Lorra received a clinical diagnosis that for some time, she’d been strongly suspecting she had. It was Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Having an Autistic brain enables Lorra to take deep dives into many medical topics of interest and dig hard right down to the bottom to present all the details, all the possibilities and variations, every single hypothetical and every potential aspect of a condition, symptom or set of symptoms to readers.

And she never tires of this venture, since Autism brings with it the capacity for sustained, deep, complex thinking and concentration on highly specific topics, and the ability to creatively and analogously present explanations in a way that’s easily understandable — yet brimming with all the details that readers seek.

Being on the Spectrum means that thinking outside the box comes easily to Lorra when developing content ideas and presenting subject matter.

Physical Fitness Aspect also covers all aspects of fitness, exercise and weight loss.

After all, struggling to burn stubborn fat is a worrisome symptom for many men and women. So is failure to build muscle or gain more strength.

Lorra’s background as an ACE certified personal trainer, plus her own experience with strength training, powerlifting, interval training and injury recovery, have been converted to electrifying content that will empower anyone, be they a 90 pound weakling, someone who is very self-conscious due to obesity, a middle-ager with an expanding waistline or a senior-age person who has never exercised before.

Targeted Audience

• Men and women of all backgrounds, ages and lifestyle habits who want to know more about their symptoms or those of a loved-one without getting confused by conflicting, generic or vague information.

• Those who are simply annoyed by a symptom.

• Those who are worried sick over a symptom.

• People who have developed a fear of having a potentially fatal condition after googling what seems to be a minor symptom.

• Anyone who wants to lose fat, build muscle, sculpt their physique, run faster, lift heavier and live longer, plus improve their self-esteem and mental health.

The purpose of this site is to provide answers—from doctors with whom Lorra has personally corresponded with as a medical writer—to all the possible questions you may have about:

• Symptoms: alarming ones that mean nothing or that may mean danger
• Symptoms: minor ones that may mean a life threatening illness
• Differential diagnoses
• Misdiagnoses
• When to see a doctor and what kind of doctor

In addition, includes articles written by medical doctors and other medical professionals.


Lorra’s feature articles have appeared in the following print publications (below):

Abilities Magazine

ACE Certified News

American Institute for Cancer Research newsletter

Anchor Magazine


Exercise for Men Only

Fitness & Physique Magazine


Ms. Fitness

Natural Bodybuilding

OnFitness Magazine

Personal Fitness Professional

Taekwon Do Times

Today’s Latino Magazine

Vibrant Life

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Online publications include: 


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