My Background:
• Former certified personal trainer and group fitness class instructor for a large health club
• Passionate physique athlete and powerlifter
• Brown belt, karate
• Author of hundreds of fitness, health and medical articles for print fitness magazines
• Ghost writer for many fitness websites

I was inspired to create this site as a result of spending hours and hours seeking answers to symptom questions on the Internet—and failing to find the answers. And why was I doing this? Two reasons:

#1. My parents have had, between the two of them:
Quintuple bypass surgery
Mitral valve replacement
Pacemaker implant
Congestive heart failure
Two total knee replacements
One knee revision surgery
Two total hip replacements
Two brain surgeries
Three back surgeries
Three shoulder surgeries
Knee arthroscopy
Herniated disc/sciatica
Double carpal tunnel syndrome surgery
Low thyroid
Clinical depression
Peripheral neuropathy
Side effects from medications

#2. My own symptoms. I have spent crazy amounts of time searching for information on the Web, only to end up on medical sites with the same recycled, rehashed, generic information—obviously spun from the same source.

And this overly-broad information was hardly helpful, leaving me with no answers, and sometimes even more questions.

As a professional writer, I have interviewed, and continue to interview, hundreds of leading medical specialists and surgeons to get REAL answers and IN-DEPTH EXPLANATIONS.

The purpose of this site is to provide answers—from doctors with whom I have personally corresponded with as a medical writer—to all the possible questions you may have about:

• Symptoms: scary ones that mean nothing
• Symptoms: scary ones that may mean danger
• Symptoms: minor ones that may mean danger
• Differential diagnoses
• Misdiagnoses
• When to see a doctor and what kind of doctor

I will also bring to you a LOT of personal experience relating to my parents’ conditions as well as my own (e.g., plantar fasciitis, microscopic colitis), plus my expert advice as a former personal trainer in how to relieve various types of musculoskeletal pain through exercise; transform your physique; and become as strong and as healthy as you can be.

KNOWLEDGE IS POWER. The more knowledge you have about the body, the less likely you or loved-ones will needlessly suffer with ongoing pain and other disruptive symptoms due to one misdiagnosis after another – like my mother experienced with several conditions!