Chest Pain: Persistent vs. Intermittent vs. Sharp vs. Dull Ache

Here is what a cardiologist says about different kinds of chest pain like sharp, dull, persistent, intermittent. How can the different types of chest pain—constant, intermittent, sharp and dull/achy be distinguished from each other? “Chest [...]

Constant Chest Pain & No Other Symptoms: 8 Causes

A cardiologist explains eight conditions that can cause constant chest pain but no other symptoms. What can possibly cause constant chest pain and no other symptoms? The most common cause is angina, says Dr. Sameer [...]

Chest Pain with Trouble Swallowing: Dangerous & Benign Causes

The causes of chest pain combined with difficulty swallowing can be benign...or life-threatening. The symptom duo of chest pain plus trouble swallowing is very frightening. It can occur suddenly and at any time for people [...]