Trouble Swallowing from Esophageal Cancer vs. ALS

Here is a detailed comparison by a surgeon between trouble swallowing from esophageal cancer compared to ALS. If a person’s health anxiety is tuned more into esophageal cancer, he or she might start suspecting this [...]

Discomfort Behind Breast when Swallowing: Cancer May Be Cause

Discomfort behind the breast upon swallowing has different possible causes including cancer – but not breast cancer. Furthermore, a heart problem may be a possible cause that occurs to the person experiencing pain in this [...]

Chest Pain, Swallowing Hurts: Heart Attack or Esophagus Spasm?

Chest pain with painful swallowing can mean a number of things including heart attack in progress, heart attack in the near future and benign esophageal spasms. About 200,000 people in the U.S. every year suffer [...]

Chest Pain with Trouble Swallowing: Dangerous & Benign Causes

The causes of chest pain combined with difficulty swallowing can be benign...or life-threatening. The symptom duo of chest pain plus trouble swallowing is very frightening. It can occur suddenly and at any time for people [...]