Trouble Swallowing from Esophageal Cancer vs. ALS

Here is a detailed comparison by a surgeon between trouble swallowing from esophageal cancer compared to ALS. If a person’s health anxiety is tuned more into esophageal cancer, he or she might start suspecting this [...]

Top 10 Muscle Twitching Reassurance Rules for ALS Fear

If twitching muscles are terrifying you about ALS, here’s all the reassurance you need from someone “eight years out” from benign fasciculations. “Muscle twitching, also called fasciculations, are small, local muscle contractions that occur involuntarily,” [...]

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ALS Anxiety, Muscle Atrophy and Twitching Conquering This Stress

Constant muscle atrophy checking is a common experience with people who are plagued by an obsession they might have ALS, a deadly, incurable disease that results in muscle atrophy. ALS is very rare, striking about [...]

Muscle Twitching in Fingers? ALS Fear? Strength Tests

Twitching muscles in the fingers can have some people fearing they have ALS, that incurable fatal disease that causes muscles to waste away. People with twitching muscles who think they have ALS are prone to [...]

Why Your Stomach is Twitching: Neurologist Explains

Is your stomach twitching? "Twitching is the common term for fasciculations, an abnormal firing of muscles," says Daniel Kantor, MD, director of the Neurology Residency Program, Florida Atlantic University. When your stomach twitches, just what is [...]

Suffer with Body Wide Muscle Twitching? Here’s Good News

If you're going nuts because of muscle twitching all throughout your entire body, stop fearing the worst, and don't even worry about something even a little bit serious. Muscle twitching isn't necessarily a sign of [...]