What Does “Hotspot” Mean in Benign Fasciculation Syndrome ?

The term “hotspot” comes up frequently when benign fasciculation syndrome is discussed. The word “hotspot” is not a medical term and, in fact, has arisen from laypeople discussing in online forums their experiences with twitching [...]

Muscle Twitching: Why You Should Feel Good About Twitching Muscles

Muscle twitching is quite a popular topic, but not one you'll hear a lot about at the water cooler. In cyberspace, twitching muscles are discussed quite prominently, because muscle twitching, though extremely common, is also [...]

Twitching Muscles: Know Your Muscle Twitching

Okay, muscle twitching is a hot topic in cyberspace. Millions of men and women have twitching muscles. Many of them freak out and think muscle twitching means the deadly disease ALS because muscle twitching is [...]