Top 10 Muscle Twitching Reassurance Rules for ALS Fear

If twitching muscles are terrifying you about ALS, here’s all the reassurance you need from someone “eight years out” from benign fasciculations. “Muscle twitching, also called fasciculations, are small, local muscle contractions that occur involuntarily,” [...]

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Muscle Twitching: Why You Should Feel Good About Twitching Muscles

Muscle twitching is quite a popular topic, but not one you'll hear a lot about at the water cooler. In cyberspace, twitching muscles are discussed quite prominently, because muscle twitching, though extremely common, is also [...]

Twitching Muscles: Know Your Muscle Twitching

Okay, muscle twitching is a hot topic in cyberspace. Millions of men and women have twitching muscles. Many of them freak out and think muscle twitching means the deadly disease ALS because muscle twitching is [...]

Perceived Weakness & Muscle Twitching: Reassurance Tips

There IS a way to conquer the perceived weakness and ALS terror that comes from twitching muscles. If you suffer from perceived weakness from benign fasciculation syndrome (muscle twitching accompanied by other symptoms), then you [...]

Suffer with Body Wide Muscle Twitching? Here’s Good News

If you're going nuts because of muscle twitching all throughout your entire body, stop fearing the worst, and don't even worry about something even a little bit serious. Muscle twitching isn't necessarily a sign of [...]