Severely Atypical Mole with Regression: Time to Worry

If you have a severely atypical, irregular or dysplastic mole that’s showing signs of regression (new areas of milky-white color), this is very worrisome for melanoma. A white “spot” in a mole isn’t always cancerous, [...]

Should Very Dark Skinned Children Wear Sunscreen?

It’s definitely important to apply sunscreen on your very dark skinned child, says a dermatologist who specializes in patients of color. Sunscreen advertisements always show fair skinned people putting it on. Advertising is very powerful, [...]

What Does Early Detection Mean for Melanoma?

Here’s a simple explanation of what exactly “early detection” of melanoma means. Melanoma is actually highly curable when caught early. The problem is that the opportunities for an early detection are often passed over! [...]