Are Moles that Stick Up More Likely to Become Melanoma?

Intradermal nevus. Credit: Dr P. Marazzi/Science Source Do you have a mole that sticks up more than the others, or maybe it’s the ONLY one that’s raised, and melanoma has barged into your [...]

Can Melanoma Cause Weird Feelings in a Mole?

That one particular mole, or maybe several of them, are generating weird feelings. Could this mean melanoma? This isn’t about itching. It’s about weird sensations that seem to be coming from a mole that’s gotten [...]

Longitudinal Melanonychia vs. Subungual Melanoma

Subungual melanoma is a type of longitudinal melanonychia, but what are the tipoffs that longitudinal melanonychia is malignant vs. benign? A brown or black band, stripe, streak or line in a nail is a very [...]

Nodular Melanoma: What You Should Know About this Killer

Nodular melanoma is a particularly lethal form of cancer that disregards the ABCDE guidelines that are so publicized about melanoma. Delayed diagnosis is more common with nodular melanoma than with the more common superficial spreading [...]

Is a Mole Normal if It’s Brown and Grey or Can It Be Melanoma?

A normal mole is supposed to be one color, or at least, two shades of a color. But brown and grey are two completely different colors. Is this melanoma? […]

Precancerous Mole Removed and Growing Back: What this Means?

Is the precancerous mole that you had removed now growing back? When this happens, the biggest fear is that what’s growing back is melanoma skin cancer. What would cause the precancerous mole to "grow back"? [...]

What Does Early Detection Mean for Melanoma?

Here’s a simple explanation of what exactly “early detection” of melanoma means. Melanoma is actually highly curable when caught early. The problem is that the opportunities for an early detection are often passed over! [...]