An ALL YELLOW mole? Is this possible, and if so, could it mean melanoma?

Awareness campaigns for the deadly melanoma need to keep rolling out, because this deadly disease can be discovered in its early stages by the patients themselves via home skin exams.

As a person becomes habituated to checking their moles and other areas of skin on a monthly basis, they may sooner or later discover what appears to be a yellow mole.

Not a bright yellow like a lemon, but more like a dull, dingy yellow.

Can a Normal Mole Be All Yellow?

“Most moles are tan-brown, skin colored, or pink in color, although they may less commonly appear with a yellow hue,” says Emily de Golian, MD, a board certified dermatologist with Forefront Dermatology in Atlanta, GA.

But what you think is a yellowish mole is probably not a mole at all, and it also probably isn’t melanoma, since this cancer usually presents in the following colors: black, brown, purple, blue, maroon, red, pink, grey, flesh colored and even milky white.

“Bumps on the skin with a yellow hue are more likely to represent a different type of growth, including sebaceous hyperplasias, which are benign enlarged oil glands that commonly develop on the face [shown in top image]; nevus lipomatosus, which is a benign growth containing fatty tissue; epidermal cysts; milia, and xanthelasma,” explains Dr. de Golian.

Generally speaking, yellow is not a scary color for a skin lesion

Dr. de Golian focuses on the surgical treatment of skin cancer via Mohs surgery, cutaneous oncology (melanoma and basal cell carcinoma), surgical defect reconstruction and cosmetic dermatology.
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