How Fast Actinic Keratosis Turns into Squamous Cell Carcinoma?

Actinic keratosis Though most squamous cell carcinomas were once actinic keratoses, most AK’s will not turn into cancer. However, it’s impossible to predict which lesions will eventually begin undergoing a malignant transformation. [...]

Should Blacks Do Monthly Self-Exams for Skin Cancer?

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Should Very Dark Skinned Children Wear Sunscreen?

It’s definitely important to apply sunscreen on your very dark skinned child, says a dermatologist who specializes in patients of color. Sunscreen advertisements always show fair skinned people putting it on. Advertising is very powerful, [...]

Bump Under Eyelid: Skin Cancer or Chalazion Cyst?

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When a Skin Sample Is Sent for Biopsy: Handling the Anxiety

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What Percentage of Actinic Keratoses Become Squamous Cancer?

There’s a percentage range of actinic keratoses turning into squamous cell carcinoma, which is why these seemingly harmless skin lesions should never be ignored. Furthermore, the appearance of very early squamous cell carcinoma can mimic [...]

24 Conditions that Mimic Melanoma to the Naked Eye

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Hard Pimple that Won’t Go Away After 2 Months May Be Cancer

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