Why Is the Prognosis for Nail Melanoma Much Worse than Skin?

Yes, melanoma can grow in the nail unit, and it’s a well-known fact among dermatologists that this type of melanoma has a poor prognosis. “Nail melanoma, which is in the category of acral lentiginous melanoma [...]

6 Year Old’s Nail Mole Likely Melanoma or just a Birth Mark?

A mother of a six year old wanted to know if an elongated mole in her child’s nail could possibly be melanoma. How likely would this just be a harmless mark of pigmentation from birth? [...]

Do ALL Nail Melanomas Have a Hutchinson’s Sign?

The Hutchinson’s sign is a very tell-tale sign of fingernail or toenail melanoma. Further complicating this issue is that benign pigment in a nail can mimic a true Hutchinson’s sign. […]

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