Mouth symptoms can have tons of causes, and yes, some include cancer.

There are just so many possible causes of problems in the mouth — and yes, some causes are benign, while others can lead to death.

When people develop an issue involving their mouth, some will automatically start worrying that it’s cancer — usually an oral cancer that is usually associated with smoking and heavy drinking.

However, did you know that melanoma can develop inside the mouth?

Though this type of melanoma is very rare, it just goes to show you that nearly anything can happen inside a cavity that we tend to think is well-protected from harm.

Dry Mouth

A common condition involving the mouth is excessive dryness that is not caused by lack of hydration.

The person isn’t actually thirsty, even though the compulsion to force down a few glasses of water may be there in an attempt to get relief from the feeling of cotton wads between the teeth and inner cheeks.

The side effects of some medications can cause this cotton feel. So can a yeast infection in the mouth. But what about sudden-onset dry mouth?

Metal Taste

Having a persistent taste of coins or nuts and bolts in one’s mouth is a lot more intolerable than the cottony dry feel. A number of conditions can cause a metal taste in one’s mouth.

Salty Taste

When you eat salty foods, you should not continue to have a salty sensation on your tongue once the food is long-gone eaten.

Whether it’s pretzels, crackers, fries or vegetables that were heavily salted, there should not be a lingering salty taste on your tongue.

But if you’ve been experiencing this, there are causes and solutions.


You have no cold, no nasal drip, no flu, so why do you keep coughing — like every few minutes?

Well, ask yourself if you’ve been subjected to much more anxiety than usual. Why stress can cause constant coughing.

Unexplained symptoms involving your mouth (or throat) should never be brushed off.  The sooner that treatment begins, the sooner you will feel better, and depending on the cause, the treatment will begin working very quickly.

Lorra Garrick has been covering medical, fitness and cybersecurity topics for many years, having written thousands of articles for print magazines and websites, including as a ghostwriter. She’s also a former ACE-certified personal trainer.