Many people have babies and many people have hot tubs.

But the combo of a baby in a hot tub can mean death to the baby.

Just like some people, including many parents, believe that babies do not belong in restaurants or movie theatres, they definitely do not belong in hot tubs. NEVER.

Yet the question of “Is it safe for my baby to be in a hot tub, even if I am holding her the entire time?” does come up every so often.

“No. A baby should not be placed in a hot tub,” warns Dr. Lisa Lewis, MD, a board certified pediatrician in Fort Worth, Texas, and author of “Feed the Baby Hummus, Pediatrician-Backed Secrets from Cultures Around the World.”

Dr. Lewis explains, “The hot tub temperature is too high. Babies have difficulty regulating their body temperature.

“The higher temperature in a hot tub can cause metabolic disturbance, dehydration and even death.

“A second reason to not have a child in a hot tub is the potential for drowning.

“Most babies can’t swim. The water in a hot tub will always be too deep and go over the head of a baby.”

So even if you’re positioned in the tub in such a way, that the baby in your arms will never slip more than halfway in the tub, it’s still dangerous due to the body-temperature regulation issue.

Simply keep your baby out of the hot tub. Certainly you can enjoy the experience of hot invigorating water without a baby being in there with you.

If nobody is available to watch the baby, then hold off on going into the hot tub.

The tub will still be there by the time someone IS available to watch your baby.

Having 20+ years’ experience, Dr. Lewis completed her pediatrics residency at Texas A&M University Health Science Center, Scott and White Memorial Hospital. For two years afterward she was assistant professor in the department of pediatrics at Texas A&M University Health Science Center.
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