Beware of the dog breed that sheds the most, year-round.

My parents have this type of dog, and there isn’t a place in the house that’s free of this dog’s white “hairs.” In fact, I have spotted the big dog’s hairs on my shirt when at the gym.

I’m convinced that the large dog breed that sheds the most is the white German shepherd.

The white German shepherd has a luxurious, beautiful off-white coat, and is a most regal, stately large dog breed.

Little did my parents know, upon bringing the puppy home at nine weeks, how much this breed would shed as an adult.

If rugs in the house are vacuumed, next day they are covered with German shepherd hairs, including rugs where he hardly ventures, or never ventures, such as the bathroom.

How is it, we wonder, that the rug in there becomes coated with dog hairs soon after it’s vacuumed, even though he never goes in there?

Dog hairs can be found on tables and all over the living room carpet, even though he never goes there.

The white German shepherd’s hairs can also be found in the dining room, another forbidden area.

Clumps of hair congregate about the pet’s big pillow where he spends a lot of time lounging.

The white German shepherd is definitely a top shedding dog, if not the No. 1 breed for shedding. I have never been able to brush off all his loose hairs.

No matter how long I spend brushing, clumps of fur keep coming off, building up in dense gobs on the brusher.

This is a brusher that my brother paid $50 for, called the Furminator.

I’ve used three brushes total on the pet, and this one works the best.

When I’m done, it’s clear how much this dog sheds; clumps of dense white fluff are scattered all over the grass, and while brushing him, I always see less-dense clumps blowing away in the wind.

It’s truly ridiculous how much the white German shepherd sheds.

The white German shepherd is a beautiful, very smart animal, with one hefty bark.

It’s less prone to hip dysplasia than other types of German shepherds.

But if you can’t stand to have dog hairs all over the house and on your clothes, think twice before bringing home this extraordinary large breed.

Lorra Garrick has been covering medical, fitness and cybersecurity topics for many years, having written thousands of articles for print magazines and websites, including as a ghostwriter. She’s also a former ACE-certified personal trainer.