Do you have irritable bowel syndrome and have recently vomited, noticing a greenish color to what came out of you?

Sometimes, a person with irritable bowel syndrome will vomit and notice that there is a greenish tinge to the regurgitated contents.

Though vomiting isn’t the most common problem associated with IBS, it definitely happens to some sufferers of this ailment.

But just because you have irritable bowel syndrome doesn’t mean that the color of your vomit is related to the condition.

Nevertheless, when people see green emptying out of their mouth, this can alarm some of them.

One may be used to seeing vomitus that’s the color of thousand island dressing.

Green Vomit Isn’t Serious

The color of green in one’s vomitus is not a possible sign of a serious disease, thank goodness. So relax. Green is never a sinister thing to come out of the mouth unless it’s toxic paint that you had swallowed.

What’s much more concerning is if you see what appears to be blood in your vomit.

Blood may appear fresh (red) or old (brown or black, particularly like coffee grounds).

Irritable bowel syndrome does not cause a person to upchuck blood.

IBS Can Cause Vomiting

“Some patients with IBS have vomiting — and the vomit usually contains food if you have just eaten, but can also contain bile which is green and can be found in the stomach,” says John E. Pandolfino, MD, Director of the Esophageal Center, Northwestern Memorial Hospital, and Associate Professor, Division of Gastroenterology at Northwestern University.

Green vomit may also be independent of your irritable bowel syndrome.

It can result from having eaten foods of this color. But if you have any other symptoms such as unexplained abdominal cramping or a fever, get yourself checked out by a doctor.

Dr. Pandolfino’s practice covers a wide gamut of GI disorders including GERD, Barrett’s esophagus, benign and malignant tumors, swallowing disorders and esophageal disorders.
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