Physical Fitness without Exercise?

You cannot be physically fit in the absence of exercise, even if you're naturally on the thin side. Physical health is synonymous with exercise. Having an efficient cardiovascular system and strong joints come only with Read more...


Height Loss Prevention as We Age: What to Do

You have more control over “age-related” height loss than you may think. This is the conclusion of a new study from the University of Southern California, Harvard University and Peking University. For this investigation, 17,708 Read more...


Why There’s No Such Thing as a Short Waist

Do you think you’re “short waisted” (or “long waisted”)? What you really mean is a short torso!  As in, "short torsoed," (though there’s no such word as “torsoed,” but at least “torsoed” makes anatomical sense. When someone Read more...

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