If you’re a busy, harried parent struggling to keep your child’s asthma essentials organized, the Asthma KidCare Go-Bag is just what you need.

Asthma is the most common chronic lung condition in children and a leading cause of emergency department visits for U.S. children.

My own struggles with asthma as a kid inspired me to become a pediatric pulmonologist, or lung specialist for children.

I understand the fear of an asthma attack and what it feels like when you cannot breathe.

Now I care for thousands of kids with asthma each year and educate parents on how to keep their children with asthma healthy.

In 2020, when COVID-19 sickened and hospitalized the parents and the grandparents of my patients, a need to pivot and create alternative ways to successfully treat kids with asthma became evident.

I founded Asthma KidCare Go-Bag in 2020 to provide a simple and effective way to stay organized, remember asthma medications and understand asthma care plans.

Asthma KidCare Go-Bag contains everything parents need to be prepared for asthma symptoms in a post-pandemic world:

• Spacer device
• Asthma action plan
• Instruction card for caregiver
• Face mask
• Asthma medical alert bracelet
• Thermometer

The Go-Bag comfortably holds asthma inhalers, allergy medications, epinephrine and nebulizer tubing.

My company’s mission is to empower children with asthma and their families to be healthier and thrive by offering innovative products and educational tools focused on improving quality of life for asthmatics.

I hope the Asthma KidCare Co-Bag helps keep you organized and ready to treat asthma symptoms.

Dr. Lucas is double board certified in pediatrics and pediatric pulmonology. She developed the Asthma KidCare Go-Bag, a carrying case and organizer for asthma and allergy medications. Follow her on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter @Dr.JoiMD.