Dexedrine’s True Effect on Weight Loss

Wondering still if Dexedrine can actually help you lose weight? Don’t just take this drug without first knowing some facts about this drug, because it may not be as effective for your fat loss goals as you believe it to be. (more…)

Best Exercise for Migraine Headache Sufferers

Migraine headache sufferers can, indeed, tolerate a certain kind of exercise quite well, says a study. This particular exercise program reduced frequency of migraine headaches in the study participants. (more…)

Long Slow Cardio vs. Short Fast Cardio for Burning Fat

Here’s info you’ve been seeking about the fat burning effects of brief intense cardio compared to long, light intensity cardio exercise. (more…)

Can Brain Tumor Cause a Lump on the Scalp?

How likely is it the new lump on your scalp is a brain tumor protruding through, pressing against the bone and you can feel it with your fingers? (more…)

How Long Can a Twitching Muscle Hotspot Last?

Does the longer a muscle twitches in a specific spot mean it’s more likely to be a motor neuron disease like ALS or some other serious neurological disorder? (more…)

Limbs Fall Asleep Easily? Causes, Solutions to Numb & Tingling

Do not confuse limbs “falling asleep” with numbness and tingling from a neuromuscular disease. Though a neuromuscular disease may cause what’s described as “numbness and tingling” sensations, let’s focus on the phenomenon of your limbs “falling asleep.” (more…)

ALS Muscle Atrophy vs. Benign Atrophy: the Difference

How can you tell if the atrophy you’re noticing is benign or ALS? Atrophy means muscle wasting; this outcome may have a non-fatal cause, but the appearance comparison is something that’s on the mind of a lot of very worried people. (more…)

Taking Heart Rate During Aerobic Exercise

Whether you engage in group aerobics classes, use cardio equipment or walk/jog tracks, it’s important to keep tabs on your heart rate. (more…)

Squat Exercises for Women Including Postmenopausal

Learn 8 different squat exercises that ANY woman can choose from to lose weight, improve bone strength and fitness. (more…)

Benefits of Judo for Overweight Women


Learn how the benefits that derive from Judo training can help women who are overweight. (more…)

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