Why Is Pencil Eraser Size for Melanoma Symptoms Important…

Why is the pencil eraser size so emphasized when many melanomas are so much smaller? (more…)

Might a Bluish Black Freckle Be Melanoma?


Does that bluish black freckle (or what IS it?!) have you panicking it might be melanoma? (more…)

How Fast Can Melanoma Spread After It First Appears?

So you first notice a tiny melanoma spot, but how fast will this spread from this point forward? (more…)

Does Melanoma Make You Get More Normal Moles Every Year?


So if you’ve been diagnosed with melanoma, will this make more normal or regular moles appear on your skin year after year? (more…)

Will Strength Training Once a Week Add Muscle?


Is strength training only once a week worth it for muscle gain? I’m a certified personal trainer, and I have a better question: Why would you want to limit strength training to just once a week? (more…)

Step Class vs. Fitness Walking for Cardio Benefits

If all you do for cardio fitness is take an evening walk or use a treadmill, you are not getting adequate aerobic exercise. (more…)

Slow Jogging vs. Fast Walking for Fitness Benefits

Let’s take a pace of 4.5 mph, and then ask yourself if jogging this will yield more fitness benefits than walking this speed (which would be a very fast walk). (more…)

Are Pull-ups & Chin-ups Every Day Bad or Good?


First ask yourself why you want to do pullups and chinups every day. (more…)

Should Obese Kids Do Pushups?


So here’s the answer to whether or not obese kids should do pushups. My opinion as a certified personal trainer is that this should be based on a case-by-case standard. In general, I’m not a proponent of obese people (children or adults) doing pushups. (more…)

7 Workout Mistakes that Sabotage Weight Loss Attempts


Don’t count on weight loss if you’re committing these seven workout mistakes… (more…)

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