Best Breast Cancer Defense Is Early Detection: Honoring National Mammography Day

For more than three decades, National Breast Cancer Awareness Month (BCAM) has propelled public education on the causes and risks of breast cancer, the importance of early screening and diagnosis, and the growing number of treatment options available today. […]

Why Some Breast Cancers Stop Responding to Targeted Therapy?

I't's very depressing to patients when they are told that their breast cancer has stopped responding to the targeted therapy. When it comes to breast cancer, “Failure to respond to targeted therapy can be multifactorial,” [...]

Why Isn’t Ultrasound Standard for Breast Cancer Screening?

If false positive rates of ultrasound screening cause anxiety & unnecessary biopsies, isn’t this worth the breast cancer it’ll catch that a mammogram misses, even if it’s just a handful of patients? Ultrasound is frequently [...]