Racing Heart vs. Irregular Heartbeat: What’s the Difference?

A racing heart isn’t always irregular, and an irregular heartbeat can sometimes be racing. It’s important to know what the exact meaning is of these two terms, as they are often indiscriminately interchanged by writers [...]

Can an Ultrasound Show Hard, Calcified Plaque in the Heart’s Arteries ?

An ultrasound takes “pictures” of your heart. The difference between hard calcified plaque and soft plaque in the coronary arteries is that the hard buildup is much more stable. […]

Sudden Shortness of Breath with a Racing Heartbeat: Causes

“There are a myriad of reasons someone might experience short-lived palpitations — or the sensation of the heart ‘racing,’” says Michael Hoosien, MD, MSc, a cardiac electrophysiologist with Piedmont Heart Hospital in Atlanta, GA. short [...]

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