If you’re about to have a prophylactic double mastectomy without reconstruction or just had it, here’s a bunch of information that applies specifically to you.

The Internet is filled with information about double mastectomies as a treatment for breast cancer, and especially such procedures being followed by breast reconstruction.

But there’s not much out there about the preventive (prophylactic) double mastectomy – minus breast reconstruction.

I’m a former personal trainer who underwent a prophylactic double mastectomy without the reconstruction — after learning my sister had breast cancer.

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If you’ve been searching and searching the Internet for information on prophylactic mastectomies in healthy women and have not found what you were looking for, perhaps your questions will be answered by any one of the articles below.


Restriction of upper body movement means you’ll need to hold off on any upper body workouts you had been doing prior to the surgery. How to Prevent Weight Gain During Double Mastectomy Recovery

If your breasts were small, you can keep family members from ever knowing that you had them removed. Tricks to Hide Mastectomy without Reconstruction from Family

You will need to deal with drainage from the surgical area on a daily basis, and may have questions about this. Why Is the Drainage from a Mastectomy Warm?

If you’re told that you can’t lift weights for six weeks after the mastectomy, you should ask specific questions about this to your surgeon.

After all, why can’t you work the LEGS when the surgery was on the upper body? How Soon After Mastectomy Can You Work Only Your Legs?

You’ll also want to ask your surgeon about yoga post-op. How Soon After Double Mastectomy Can You Resume Yoga ?

Your chest might start twitching after the operation. There’s a reason why you should not let this alarm you. Chest Twitching after Mastectomy without Reconstruction

If you’ve always been a strength training enthusiast, you’ll want to know why you must wait up to six weeks before getting back into your favorite exercises such as the bench press, overhead dumbbell press, deadlift, lat pull-down and bent-over dumbbell row. Lifting Weights After Mastectomy: Why the 4-6 Week Wait ?

You might notice a mysterious lump – one that you can actually see – where a breast used to be. Visible Lump Above Incision After Mastectomy Bandages Removed

To help expedite your recovery from a double mastectomy, here’s a very unusual approach. Morbid but Effective Way to Recover from Double Mastectomy

The drainage system that you must wear every single minute post-op will feel cumbersome and perhaps even bulky, but you CAN conceal this from family members and friends. How to Hide Mastectomy Drainage Bulbs from Family

Have you qualified for a preventive double mastectomy but are struggling with whether or not to have this procedure? You Know You’re Ready for Preventive Double Mastectomy When…

What if you live alone and don’t want anyone to know that you had a double mastectomy? This means you must be a self-caregiver. Here’s how to do that very effectively. No Caregiver After Double Mastectomy: Home Alone Guidelines

How do you prepare your body for a double mastectomy? Here are guidelines for healthy women. My Body Thought My Double Mastectomy Was Another Gym Workout

You might have read about pain horror stories post-op the day of surgery, but you should not let these give you anxiety. What Does a Preventive Double Mastectomy Feel Like Same Day

You can look forward to getting back into your heavy weight training regimen once the restriction on lifting weights has been lifted. Resuming Heavy Weightlifting After Double Mastectomy

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Every woman who’s undergone a prophylactic double mastectomy should know all the reasons why she won’t be able to raise her arms over her head post-op. Why Can’t You Raise Arms Overhead After Double Mastectomy

If you want to keep your optional double mastectomy a secret from even your closest family members, you have this right and should not feel guilty about it. It’s Okay to Keep Your Preventive Double Mastectomy Secret

Lorra Garrick has been covering medical, fitness and cybersecurity topics for many years, having written thousands of articles for print magazines and websites, including as a ghostwriter. She’s also a former ACE-certified personal trainer.  
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