If you’re a plus size woman who’s short on confidence and thinks that wearing a bikini every day will correct this, you’ll want to rethink this idea.

I was inspired to write this article after reading an Instagram post by a plus-size bopo influencer (196K followers at the time of this posting).

Her post said she wears a bikini every day. This isn’t because she visits the beach or pool every day.

Rather, she posted that she puts on the bikini – even on days she never leaves the house — to feel good about her body.

Has this daily ritual improved the quality of her life?

Well … according to her posts, she experiences bouts with depression and anxiety, struggles with stress, issues with self-esteem, and other emotional baggage. A lot of good the BOD — bikini of the day — has done.

Her bopo followers might argue, “All that matters is that it makes her feel good, and it’s not harming anybody.”

But she is deceiving her desperate followers and giving them false hope by sending the message that wearing a bikini every day will make low self-esteem go away.

Why not do yoga for 20 minutes every day to boost confidence? At least this way her body would be doing something healthful and confidence-boosting and getting better at it.

Thinking that a bikini a day makes the inner struggle go away is akin to believing that you can solve your problems by heavily drinking every day.

There may be a sense of freedom and vindication – but it’s so short-lived, and then next day you’re back to square one.

The time she spends choosing which bikini to wear (she has over 40), trying different ones on to convince herself she’s worthy, etc., can be used instead for daily workouts — that would produce actual tangible results:

• Improved mobility
• Improved stamina and energy
• Stronger back
• Stronger knee joints
• Increased efficiency at lifting things
• Elimination of any pre-existing, obesity-related body pains

Barbells, not bikinis, build confidence. Shutterstock/ Reshetnikov_art

However, the bopo influencer doesn’t believe in scheduling time for exercise. Instead, she believes it should be done only when the urge hits – and only light exercise at that (she posts videos).

What if we applied this approach to other important things?

For example, imagine what would happen if you showered, brushed your teeth, washed your hair, bathed your kids, cleaned the kitchen and did the laundry ONLY WHEN THE URGE HIT.

Bikini Therapy Fail

She’s posted about her childhood. It was very unhappy. Where did this come from? Victoria’s Secret didn’t raise her.

Wearing a bikini every day, in the hopes that it will replace either psychotherapy or some other proven form of self-healing, is just plain silly.

Can one honestly say it’s even comfortable?
It may be when you’re on the beach, but wearing those tight bottoms and those straps around the house – gee, it would be so much more comfy wearing sweats and a tee shirt.

A truly confident woman of plus-size will feel at ease in the most comfortable clothes around the house – which are loose with soft fabric. This isn’t a bikini. Come on, you know she doesn’t do this in the name of physical comfort.

A truly confident full-figured woman will NOT feel a need to prove anything to herself by wearing a bikini inside the house.

A big woman with a strong sense of self just doesn’t do silly things like this.

For the woman who is genuinely happy with her SELF, her soul and spirit — comfort and functionality of her house clothes will be the priorities, rather than some social statement that’s been brainwashed into her by a stranger on Instagram.

Lorra Garrick is a former personal trainer certified through the American Council on Exercise. At Bally Total Fitness she trained women and men of all ages for fat loss, muscle building, fitness and improved health. 



Top image: Shutterstock/Michae Allen