A subset of bopo influencers wants big women to think that wearing a bikini is a measure of self-worth & that if you don’t wear one, you don’t love yourself.

This is outrageous. Every time I see a plus size women, I ask myself:

• Does she feel pressure to bare a lot of skin whenever she’s near a body of water?

• Does she feel pressure to order a bikini online because she’s read enough times that THIS is what the self-confident, plus-size woman does?

• And if she doesn’t own a bikini does she feel guilty for betraying that sub-population of the plus-size bopo movement who keeps preaching to big women to post pics of themselves in scant swimwear?

Space Aliens Would Think Our Beauty Standard Is a Size 26

Really, if aliens landed here tomorrow and began combing through Instagram, they’d think that the condemned body type wears a size in the single digits.

Wouldn’t it be intriguing if we knew how many bikini shots on Instagram were of plus-size women vs. single-digit size women?

We all know there are pro-anorexia Instagrammers, along with buff fitness Instagrammers, bikini models and figure competition athletes, along with ordinary Janes of smaller size – all posting their bikini shots.

However, I’d bet that aliens would think that the full figured, even morbidly obese women in bikinis were glorified just as much as the skinny ones.


At the same time, there are vast numbers of overweight women who wouldn’t be caught dead in a swimsuit without a good cover-up.

Of those, some feel pressured to wear a bikini, while others won’t let this circus get to them.

Since when has body positivity become a prescription for how much flesh you should show in public?

Why can’t bopo be about how much weight you can lift over your head? This would veer away from the “ornamentation” of women.

Worthy at any Size Has Morphed into Sex Object at Any Size

When there are just endless scrolls on endless Instagram accounts of obese women posing in skanky attire to show the entire world – this can only amount to one thing: “You’re never too big to be a sex object!”

Sure, there are plenty of size 6 women in seductive poses wearing lingerie or tight leather, but their message is different.

How many of them are continuously preaching that the answer to unhappiness over thick cellulite thighs and a big belly is to dress like a tramp or bare nearly all your skin at the local swimming pool?

And if any of them ARE preaching that how much confidence you have is directly proportional to how much skin you show in public, then shame to them as much as to the size 26 influencer.

Are you a plus-size woman who feels pressure to slip into a bikini and, on top of that, post pictures to Instagram?

If so, you need to examine why you’ve allowed a complete stranger to warp your senses.

There are plenty of high achieving, overweight women who’ve never worn a two-piece swimsuit.

There are plenty of very confident, plus size women who won’t go near the water without a big cover-up to their one-piece swimsuit.

Take that pressure you feel to don a bikini, crumple it up like paper, flush it down the toilet, and instead start focusing on what your large body can DO.

At the end of the day (pardon the cliché), you’ve proven nothing to yourself by following a stranger’s directive to wear clothing that you’ve never felt comfortable in.

For Pete’s sake, it is your legal and God-given right to hate wearing bikinis!

And to the very heavy bopo influencers who insist that a woman’s confidence is determined by her willingness to put images of herself on Instagram with hardly any clothes on – it’s time you accept the fact that a full figured woman has a right to be modest. Get over it.

Lorra Garrick is a former personal trainer certified through the American Council on Exercise. At Bally Total Fitness she trained women and men of all ages for fat loss, muscle building, fitness and improved health.