A large women may feel liberated while in a bikini, but once this mere garment comes off, she’s back to square one.

There’s better ways to gain confidence.

If you’re a plus size woman who seeks inspiration from full-figured Instagrammers who keep posting images of themselves in bikinis and other revealing attire – you may want to ask yourself why you can’t do better than this.

Can you not find a better role model than someone whose only accomplishment is getting pictures of herself taken in skimpy, skanky and tight clothing?

There are body positive influencers with anywhere from a few thousand followers to 1.8 million followers on Instagram.

So…you wish you had THEIR confidence?

Confidence to do what? Wear clothes that you wouldn’t dare to? Big deal. This isn’t real confidence. It’s a mere fashion choice.


10 Ways a Plus Size Woman Can Become Confident without Getting into a Bikini

#1. Take up yoga. Every pose in yoga is modifiable – for the very novice to the most advanced. You’re not “too fat” to practice yoga.

Remember, anyone can wear a bikini, but the more you do yoga, the more confident you’ll become due to what your body is learning to DO.

#2. Take up a martial art. This could be karate, jiu-jitsu, judo, whatever is the most appealing to you.

If you can’t do jump kicks due to your size, so what. There’s way more to martial arts than leaping or spinning in the air.

There are certain components to the martial arts for which a plus size body is on an even playing field as the thinner body, such as board breaking, grappling, joint locking and – in tournaments, sometimes a plus size woman takes a trophy in point fighting or forms. As one with years of martial arts training, I’ve witnessed this many times.

#3. Take up strength training. If you’re already doing this, ramp it up. Do more barbell work. Try to lift heavier and heavier over time.

Learn to do heavy deadlifts, because a strong back will support everything else you ever do. Train your body to lift heavy things over your head. Talk about building confidence!

You will become less squishy and more firm. You will feel more able and stronger as your body learns to lift heavier weights. Lifting heavy will not make a plus size woman even bigger. But large portion sizes of junk food will.

#4. Take up aerobics. This could be classes, machines, hiking or jogging.

One thing, though: If a treadmill is your mode of choice – do NOT hold on! When I was a personal trainer, I forbad even my most overweight clients from holding on.

You will never feel confident about yourself if you hold onto something while walking!

Clients would tell me, “I’m afraid I’ll fall off.” And I’d reply, “Live life on the edge! Let go!”

Actually, I’d tell them that holding on mimics using a walker. They’d immediately release their hands. And they never fell off.

Start with a slower speed and/or low incline, and swing your arms. Once you’re confidently marching on a treadmill without holding on, this new confidence will affect other aspects of your life.

#5. Realize that women are not ornaments. If you want to push the idea that women, indeed, are ornaments or sex objects, then post a lot of pics of yourself flaunting a bikini.

Because that’s exactly what the message is when full-figured women think they can “show everyone” something by posing seductively in bikinis and other skimpy or tight clothes.

It’s time for barbell positivity to replace bikini positivity.

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