The “body positive” movement is backfiring on those women who feel they have a right to hate their overweight bodies.

It’s as though the body positive endorsers are trying to make plus-size women feel wrong about disapproving of their bodies.

But there’s nothing any more wrong about hating your fat body than there is about hating, for example, the fact that you smoke, drink excessively or don’t get enough exercise.

For Pete’s sake, what is so horrible about hating fat thighs?

The irony is that the body positive movement focuses on looks, not achievements. And we don’t see any body positive movements sweeping across the male population.

• It’s okay for a man to hate his big blubbery belly, but not a woman?

• It’s okay for a man to hate his scrawny legs, but heaven forbid if a woman hates on her thunder thighs?

• It’s okay for a man to feel self-conscious about his pipe-cleaner arms and dream of having the arms of a male fitness model – but heaven forbid if a woman gripes about her bat wings?

• Do you see a double standard here?

The body positive movement keeps the limelight on LOOKS. Have you not noticed that?

As a former fitness trainer at a gym for five years, I fully endorse the concept of feeling disgusted with belly rolls, flabby upper arms and tree trunk thighs.

To accept, let alone embrace, these features is to toss out the welcome mat for the medical conditions that these features are strongly associated with:
• Heart disease
• Heart failure
• Osteoarthritis
• Metabolic syndrome
• Type 2 diabetes
• Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease
• Back pain
• Low energy; easy fatigue
• Some cancers
• Higher complication rate following surgery
• Increased chance of complications during childbirth

Never mind that skinny people aren’t immune to these conditions. All of the aforementioned conditions have MULTIPLE risk factors and causes.

But obesity is a big one!

And though not all obese women will develop cancer or type 2 diabetes, ALL will eventually develop a problem with stamina and then mobility.

There’s No Shame in Hating a Fat Body

I’m just saying it’s okay to cling to the hope you’ll one day slim down. Since when did hating rolls of fat become synonymous with hating YOURSELF? Where did THIS idea come from? Hmmm…

• Don’t let the body positive movement sway you from sticking to an intense exercise regimen.

• Don’t let the body positive movement stop you from counting calories if that’s your mojo.

• Don’t let the “all sizes are beautiful” mantra keep you from concealing the belly rolls if that’s what makes you feel better.

• Don’t let the body positive movement convince you that fat is healthy.

• I don’t see throngs of doctors backing up this movement.

Body Positive Endorsers Wear Hair Extensions, Fake Fingernails…
The irony is that the “all women are beautiful” supporters don’t apply their tenets to other parts of their body.

Why do some wear a lot of makeup? Is it okay to be unhappy with your face without makeup?

What’s with the hair extensions?

Hey, I’m all for adorning the body with eye shadow, eyeliner, lipstick and hair extensions, but these add-ons contradict the body positive movement – and that’s just SO ironic!

  • How many “love your body at any size” endorsers use teeth whitening strips or wear false fingernails?
  • How many wear foundation to conceal wrinkles?
  • How many use spray-on tans?

Have you ever seen a body positive woman, posing to show off her plus-size form, without makeup? Again, nothing wrong with doing these things, but when you also preach “love your body at any size,” it comes off as hypocritical.

Don’t Let the Body Positive Movement Intimidate You

If you want to lose weight, go for it. Just be healthy and sensible about it. Don’t cave to fads and gimmicks.

If you want to venture into CrossFit to lose weight, go for it. If you want to “torture” yourself by dashing up hills to lose weight, more power to you.

Fat Women Do Not Have to Accept Their Bodies
This is just ridiculous, as crazy as embracing a smoking habit (which some people actually do, but at least they’re not out there screaming to the rest of the world’s smokers to do the same).

When a 250 pound woman loses 115 pounds and feels so much better at 135, do the body positive pushers think she has a problem?