Following prostate cancer surgery, a man may experience twitching down there, or what seems like a kind of twitching within or near his manhood.

This not only can be quite annoying to some patients, but it may also bring about worry in some individuals.

They may worry about nerve damage or permanent dysfunction in the organ.

“Many men have bladder spasms after surgery,” says Jonathan W. Simons, MD, President and Chief Executive Officer of the Prostate Cancer Foundation, David H. Koch Chair.

“These can feel like sudden and intense cramping pains in your lower abdomen and penis,” continues Dr. Simons.

Just what is a twitch anyways?

The descriptor of “twitching” doesn’t always mean the same thing to different patients.

It can be a sudden jerking feeling of the penis, or it could feel like there’s a work squirming beneath its skin in one small area.

But Dr. Simons says that yes, a man may experience a twitching sensation in the organ following surgery for prostate cancer.

Dr. Simons explains, “This can be normal as a healing takes place. It’s important that a patient stay in close touch with their urologist and advance practice nurse involved in the repost so they can be reassured of normal healing responses versus something that needs to be seen in the clinic.”

Any skeletal muscle in the body has the potential to randomly twitch, or twitch in response to fatigue or strain.

There are muscles in the penis. Surgery involving this organ can certainly stress the muscle fibers and cause benign twitching.

Signs of Prostate Cancer

• Erectile dysfunction

• Reduced ejaculation volume

• Frequent feeling of the need to urinate

• Trouble controlling urination or a weak stream

Burning when urinating

• Appearance of blood in the urine or semen

• Rectal pressure or pain

If you have any of these symptoms, this is not normal. Do not delay in seeing your doctor.

dr. simonsDr. Simons is an internationally recognized physician-scientist, oncologist and acclaimed investigator in translational prostate cancer research.
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