Yes, a urologist says that cancer can cause burning urination, but there are many non-malignant reasons why urinating can be painful.

“Urine is toxic, so the bladder and urethra must protect themselves,” begins Kenneth Peters, MD, chief of urology for Beaumont Hospital, Royal Oak, MI.

“With a UTI [urinary tract infection] the protective layer of the bladder is damaged, exposing the urine to the underlying nerves, leading to pain and bladder irritability and ultimately the symptoms of a UTI.”

Benign Causes of Burning Urination Besides Bladder Infection

“First, if an individual is dehydrated, the concentrated urine can lead to discomfort in the bladder while voiding; increasing fluid intake to dilute the urine can help,” continues Dr. Peters.

“Certain foods can be bothersome for certain patients. The worst offenders are caffeine, along with spicy and acidic foods. such as tomato sauce.

“There are other conditions that can lead to burning urination. A stone in the bladder can result in bladder irritation and burning.

“A urethral diverticulum is a rare condition in which a sac develops along the urethra that results in trapping of urine in the diverticulum, resulting in chronic inflammation and pain while voiding.

“Other conditions such as urethral trauma or urethral infection can lead to burning. If symptoms persist, the individual should be evaluated by a urologist.”

Dr. Peters, in practice for 30+ years, is board certified by the American Board of Urology. One of his specialties is treating bladder pain.
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