Being told “You’re so fat” should never be compared to being told “You’re so tall,” even though many tall women equate these comments from strangers.

They are NOT the same.

According to posts on sites that are devoted to very tall women, many women of height are frequently told by strangers, “You’re so tall.”

These women post their feelings about this and point out that nobody would ever just go up to an obese woman and say to her face, “Wow you’re so fat.”

So therefore, ask these posters, why do many folks think nothing of saying to a tall woman, “Wow you’re so tall”?

Though there’s a lot of truth to the “fat” example, it’s also true that many obese women report being treated rudely in clothing shops, being stared at at restaurants and being heckled when walking outdoors.

Few people, indeed, will approach a hefty person who’s a stranger and state, “You’re so fat.” But many overweight women have heard the “oink oinks” and the “moooos.”

The comparison of “Gee you’re tall” to “Gee you’re fat” is completely in left field.

Anyone who’d approach a woman they don’t even know and point out their obesity is deliberately being nasty.

But a person who’d step over to a very tall woman and point out her height? That’s not nastiness.

It may be envy or fascination. But it’s not meanness.

Many people wish to be taller, including people already considered tall. I’m a 5-8 woman and would love to be six feet.

But who wants to be fat? Though there are full-figured women who “embrace” their “curves,” I highly doubt there are 130 pound women who dream of weighing 200 pounds.

Scorn or Friendliness from the Stranger?

To tall women out there: When someone points out your height, is there scorn or disgust in their voice?

Is it the same tone of voice they’d use if they were to saunter over to a fat woman and ask her how much she weighs?


When overweight people get comments about their size from strangers, the demeanor of the speaker is rude and thoughtless, sometimes sneering or exuding disgust.

Who marches over to a 6’1” woman and, with that same aura of disdain or scorn, points out how tall they are?

Have you ever complimented a woman on her hair or nails?

What tone of voice did you use? It’s the same or similar type of voice that strangers use when they comment on your height.

What about thoughtless comments from men?

Tall women in online forums have reported that men (and shorter women) have told them they shouldn’t wear heels.

This IS rude.

However, this article is sticking to the highly focused topic of “You’re so tall,” NOT “Why do you wear heels?”

Let’s stick to the topic: “You’re so tall” (or a similar comment) cannot be compared to “You’re so fat.”

Lorra Garrick has been covering medical, fitness and cybersecurity topics for many years, having written thousands of articles for print magazines and websites, including as a ghostwriter. She’s also a former ACE-certified personal trainer.  



Top image: Yves Picq, CC BY-SA