Tall women the world over get comments and questions (some of them rude or stupid) about their height—even from strangers, but what about 5-9 women?

But there has to be a cutoff point for which their height would not attract attention – in the absence of heels.

I’ve read on a few tall sites of how women 5-10 get comments from strangers. The 5-10 women on these tall sites who report hating their height say they never wear heels. So it’s not as though they’re inflated to 6-2 with four-inch heels.

Strangely, when I wear four-inch heels—which brings my height to six feet — nobody ever seems to notice my six-foot stature, even when the heels are concealed by long pants, enabling me to pass for a natural 5-10 or 5-11.

What do 5-9 women experience without heels?
For all the attention that 5-10 women report, I wonder if one inch shorter would make any difference as far as the comments and questions.

Furthermore, many of these 5-10 tall women who’ve made posts on the tall sites slouch to conceal their height, yet still their height gets noticed.

So if you’re a 5-9 woman, I’m curious: Do you get the height comments and questions when you’re in sneakers or flats?

Based on what I’ve read, I have to believe that 5-9 grown women frequently get height comments when they are in flats or sneakers. I wonder what that cut-off point is: 5-8 and one half?

I suppose it depends on the country. For a woman, 5-8 isn’t that tall in Scandinavian countries, but in Asian countries it is for Asians.

When I was a teenager I read a letter to advice columnist Ann Landers by a 5-9 woman. The woman actually told Ann she was thinking of committing suicide because of her height.

She said it kept her from getting dates, made her feel like an oddball, etc. This was only 5-9 !

I’m 5-8 and have never been asked if I play basketball or how tall I am (other than being asked in an entirely different context, such as someone assembling a volleyball team for a league I was on).

One time at a grocery store an old lady who couldn’t reach something noticed me and said, “Excuse me, you’re tall, can you get something for me.” Of course, that doesn’t count.

Do any 5-8 or 5-9 women get TRUE height comments and questions while in flats?

I wonder, because I know that there do exist 5-8 women who think they are too tall. I personally knew a 5-8 woman who told me she felt funny wearing heels to nightclubs and wore flats at her wedding so she’d appear shorter than her 5-10 husband.

Lorra Garrick has been covering medical, fitness and cybersecurity topics for many years, having written thousands of articles for print magazines and websites, including as a ghostwriter. She’s also a former ACE-certified personal trainer.