How DARE men make rude comments to tall women wearing high heels?

Are they begging to be spit on their head or what? A tall woman has every right to sport high heels!

But there do exist many men who have the nerve to spew unkind words just because a very tall woman is in high heels.

How do I know this? There’s a website for tall women, and many tall women post comments and share their experiences on this siste. 

I was actually amazed at the number of postings from tall women who report that men can be very mean-spirited when it comes to spotting a tall women wearing high heels.

I’m only 5-8, so I’m not tall enough to get much attention when I wear high heels.

But then again, I don’t wear high heels on a regular basis. I’m a tomboy and prefer athletic footwear; I don’t go clubbing or to parties; and I work out of my home. 

Thus, my opportunities to dress up are quite limited. But when the occasion arises, I don four-inch high heels, like during my recent trip to Las Vegas. But what if a woman is naturally six feet or 5-10?

The postings on the tall women web site are typically from women between 5-10 and six feet, when it comes to wearing high heels, though some postings are from even taller women. Below is a posting that I copied and pasted, word-for-word:

5’11” Renee wrote (November 13th 2008) I would just like to say thanks to everyone who is so positive about being tall.

I have never worn heels in my life before, but I’ve just bought a pair and am trying to work up the confidence to wear them this Saturday!

The only thing I’m really scared of is the mean comments by guys but all your comments have really helped!

I’m always slouching, not consciously but I think it’s just because when I was younger I just got use to it. This weekend I’m going to wear my heels, stand up straight and keep smiling! Xoxo.

If men make mean comments when you wear high heels, then get revenge by continuing to wear the high heels and standing tall, an IN-YOUR-FACE attitude!

I’m sure you, as the tall woman, were probably told that men who make mean comments to tall women wearing high heels are insecure and immature, and you wouldn’t want to date them anyways.

However, to hear mean comments is kind of like having to hear a fly buzzing in the room. Ignoring it will not make it go away.

Mean comments about your height can be just as irksome as someone coming up to you and poking fun at your skin color, nose, the sound of your voice, your weight or the ethnic sound of your last name.

So what can tall women do? 

The trick is to PREVENT the comments in the first place. This can be done by loving the shoes you’re in, and loving the height Nature gave you.

When you truly feel this way and change your perspective, this will be detected by those insecure men who are just waiting for a chance to slip in a mean comment.

If you do not act like prey, men will not treat you like prey. 

Did you know that a cheetah will NOT chase after a gazelle if the gazelle just stands there?

But the moment the gazelle takes off, the cheetah’s prey/chase instinct will rule, and the predator will give chase. Humans, too, behave either like predators or prey.

If you prance around and strut and flaunt your tall self in your wonderful high heels, men will either keep their mouths shut, or they’ll compliment you.

How do I know they’ll compliment you? The tall women site also has plenty of postings from tall women who wear high heels, who say the men compliment them in droves.

But you don’t need the tall women site to realize how much sense all of this makes. If I were six feet and wore high heels, I’d eagerly venture into areas dense with men, just to get a kick out of the reaction. 

You wouldn’t be able to wipe the huge smirk off my face. I’d be giving them this eye-contact that shouted: I love my height; wanna make something of it?

I guarantee it, NO man would have the spine to make a mean comment that I could hear.

And if they did, as in, “You shouldn’t wear heels,” or, “Don’t you think you’re too tall to wear high heels?” I’d find it funny and amusing, then say something like, “My high heels instantly tell me who all the insecure men are.”

Then I’d give him a sneering, wide-eyed look, and I’d delight in watching him turn pale with humiliation.

Ladies, you’ve got to think of these men as MICE. You can either think of yourself as an insect, or as a CAT. What do mice do with insects? What do cats do with mice?

Play with these men’s minds. Put’em in their place: “I wear high heels so I can see the bald spot on top of your head,” or, “I wear high heels so you can feel insignificant/short/insecure.” 

Wear your high heels. Walk tall and proud. Confuse these men. Use attitude and pride to get revenge. Smile and snicker at them; they are mice.

Lorra Garrick has been covering medical, fitness and cybersecurity topics for many years, having written thousands of articles for print magazines and websites, including as a ghostwriter. She’s also a former ACE-certified personal trainer.