Yes, aged garlic extract CAN reverse heart disease plaque buildup.

Coronary artery disease is a slowly progressive disease that builds up in the arteries of the heart for over 10 years before the first symptoms.

Through multiple studies at Los Angeles Biomedical Research Institute at Harbor-UCLA, Dr. Matthew Budoff has shown that aged garlic extract can not only slow the buildup of these plaques in the arteries, but cause some reversal.

The study was done on 65 patients with prediabetes, and demonstrated that the patients given aged garlic extract actually had a reduction in the early forms of plaque, while those on placebo (no active ingredient) demonstrated progression of their heart disease.

This has great implications for the future of this therapy to reduce the number one cause of death among both men and women in the world.

How does aged garlic extract lower plaque?

It has been demonstrated through multiple studies that aged garlic extract reduces heart disease by lowering cholesterol, blood pressure and improving blood vessel health.

Three previous studies have demonstrated a positive effect on plaque buildup with calcium scans (the scans highlighted in the documentary “The Widowmaker,” which first aired in 2015).

These calcium scans use computed tomography (CAT scans) to show buildup of early plaque in the heart arteries.

They are the only way to know if someone has early coronary heart disease, short of an invasive (and expensive) angiogram in the hospital.

These scans give patients a “score” in which the amount of [calcified] plaque is quantified.

A zero score (no plaque) is great news, associated with a close to zero chance of having a heart attack for the next five years, and a high score (over 100 or over 400) is associated with a high rate of heart attacks, strokes and death.

Thus, using a natural supplement to slow the plaque should have great impact on the risk of heart disease over time.

A therapeutic dose of aged garlic extract would be two or three capsules a day, which is the equivalent of two to three whole garlic cloves a day.

dr. budoff

Dr. Budoff is at the forefront of the medical community’s efforts to create early detection methods for coronary heart disease.
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