The coronary calcium score test is an excellent screening tool for heart disease.

The calcium score number closely correlates to the likelihood of having heart disease: mild, moderate or severe.

It also closely correlates to the likelihood of having a cardiac event in the next several years.

Most people have never undergone a calcium score test. Many don’t even know what this is.

Others think it’s too expensive, but the test can run between around $200 and $300–well worth it.

It takes only about five minutes, too. If you know that your calcium score correlates to mild heart disease, you can take measures to prevent a progression.

Don’t be in the dark about what’s going on inside your coronary arteries, like so many people are, and then one day they drop from a heart attack–that probably could have been prevented.

If you have a question about the calcium score test for detecting the likelihood of heart disease, check out the article links below.

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Top image: Shutterstock/pickingpok