You can get rid of cellulite with a type of training called “burst” — one minute at a time, spread throughout the day, up to eight times (eight minutes total).

Forget What You’ve Been Taught to Believe

You have been taught to believe that in order for cardio exercise or any kind of workout to produce a fat burning effect, it must be done continuously.

Or another way of looking at all of this is that the heart rate must remain elevated for at least 20 minutes.

And perhaps you’ve been made to believe that even longer is better: 40 minutes, 60 minutes, even 90?

You’ve seen them: cardio hounds on the machines for what seems like two hours straight.

Why would any person spend so much time on an elliptical trainer or stair machine?

The No. 1 reason to be sure is to take off excess weight, or keep their weight low, or prevent weight gain.

And this is why you’ll sometimes see too-thin women on these machines for long periods; they are obsessed and may even have an eating disorder.

Long Duration Cardio Will Not Get Rid of Cellulite

One-minute fat loss exercises (burst training) have to do with human chemistry.

The problem with long duration or steady state sessions on cardio machines or outside is this:

They fail to provoke a hormonal response. It’s this hormonal response that triggers calorie-burning big-time.

You’ve been taught to believe the amount of energy expended as a result of physical activity is directly proportional to amount of time spent doing that physical activity.

But really, there is hardly any correlation at all, because chemistry rules.

One-Minute Bursts of Activity Will Shed Cellulite, prostooleh

A single burst of high energy physical activity for one minute (e.g., squat jumps, lunge jumps, stair dashing, mountain climbers), done a total of eight times spread throughout the day, will really do far more for achieving our goals than will 80 nonstop paced minutes on cardio equipment or paced jogging/walking., cookie_studio, nikitabuida

One-minute fat loss exercises provoke a fat-devouring hormonal response, causing these hormones to remain circulating throughout the body in elevated amounts, all day long, raising metabolic rate . . . the power of burst training against cellulite!

Lorra Garrick is a former personal trainer certified through the American Council on Exercise. At Bally Total Fitness she trained women and men of all ages for fat loss, muscle building, fitness and improved health. 



Top image: Shutterstock/Cara-Foto