If you discover what appears to be blood mixed with your toddler’s poops, first ask yourself if your toddler has just started a course of antibiotics.

“Antibiotics can have many side effects including diarrhea, upset stomach and discolored stools,” says Dr. Charnetta Colton-Poole, MD, a board certified pediatrician based in Atlanta, GA.

“For example, a commonly used cephalosporin [a class of drugs] often causes red/brick colored stool which can appear to look like blood.

“Antibiotics can, however, disrupt normal gut bacteria and can allow for overgrowth of C. difficile which leads to antibiotic-associated pseudomembranous colitis which often results in bloody stools.”

With 15+ years in the medical field, Dr. Colton-Poole is also a medical communication strategist and content creator.
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