Here are serial images of a big toenail subungual hematoma showing how the old blood and bruise heal over an eight month period.

In the June 11 image above, a subungual hematoma (mass of blood under the nail) of the big toe is very evident.

It was noticed about a week after the individual had done a continuous jog downhill on a gravel service road that cut through foothills at declines between 10 and 15 percent.

JUNE 27. 

If you look closely at the June 27 image above, you can see that the hematoma has very slightly moved upward (as the nail grows out).






Come August, it’s very clear that the subungual hematoma has been “pushed” upward by nail growth.




In the September 21 image above, you’ll note dark material beneath the top of the nail.

This was always there — it’s the subungual hematoma. But it’s visible this way because the nail has been trimmed.

Unlike melanoma, the hematoma can be easily and gently scooped away, like a crumbly scab — which is essentially what the hematoma is.



OCT 15

In the October 15 image above, you can see at the bottom of the nail the beginning of a new nail pushing out the old.

NOV 25

In the November 25 image above, the new nail is obvious — the bottom portion of the nail, spanning its width.


The January 7 image above shows the new toenail taking up almost half the nail height. The top half shows how the nail has become loosened.

JAN 24

The January 24 image shows more growth of the fresh new toenail, which will eventually completely replace what’s left of the old nail that sustained damage from the bleeding.

The subungual hematoma is clearly on its way out.

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