So what comes AFTER you “finally worked up the courage” to sport a bikini in public?

What’s the next step? Is this a progressive process like strength training or training to run a 5K?

Is it a stepping stone to mustering up the courage to quit your dead-end job and pursue the career you’ve always dreamed of?

You finally bought a bikini after being inspired to do so by a few plus-size “body positivity” Instagram stars.

Because of them, you walked onto the sand, where other people were present, wearing that bikini.

But it wasn’t a dangerous daredevil stunt. It was a decision to wear something that previously made you feel too uneasy to. This isn’t courage.

You Finally Did It

So what’s the next step? There’s none, unless you believe that repeating this decision to display your body like an ornament is something to take pride in.

It’s not like taking yoga classes, where there is always progression into a better state (e.g., improved mobility and stronger joints).

Showing a lot of skin in public is not a launching pad to greater things in life – unless you have a gift for amassing tens of thousands of followers to your Instagram or YouTube account – which can earn you money.

Wearing a Bikini Is Overrated

This isn’t about large women who just happen to be in a bikini and just happen to get their picture taken in a spontaneous moment.

This is about plus size women who are brainwashed by an online person they’ve never met to buy a bikini or tight mini skirt and flaunt it in cyberspace.

They are brainwashed into thinking this is an act of courage and enlightenment. Well…sometimes it CAN invoke the idea of courage…

Bikinis and other two-piece swimsuits in a plus-size have been sold for decades.

But thanks to the power of Instagram, hashtags and social media, it’s as though every time a full-figured woman puts up a picture of herself in a bikini, it’s some revolutionary, pioneering feat of courage.

Okay, call it courage if you want. But I’ve never heard of big women getting spat on at the beach because they weren’t covered up.

As a child I visited Coney Island beach and never once witnessed hostile treatment towards the many huge women I saw in revealing swimwear. And that was during a time when there was no “fat acceptance” or effyourbeautystandards movements.

The Great Con Game

Impressionable self-conscious women have been conned into believing that wearing a bikini will solve their problems.

But it doesn’t. Even the leading Instagram bopo stars will regularly post how much they continue to battle anxiety and depression. Often it’s over trite things or nothing specific. We’re human and prone to mood fluctuations.

But some of these IG stars seem to be really suffering – despite speaking as though THEY have all the answers to YOUR woes in life.

They want you to believe that the solution is to reveal in public the heftiest parts of your body. Now think about just how insane this is!

Okay, so you finally visited the beach in a bikini.

Next day you go to work. The bikini is at home. It’s a prop. It’s not part of you. It doesn’t give you the courage to speak up about an injustice at the workplace.

If you want to build true courage, assertiveness, self-love and high self-confidence – you might want to try a more real-world approach.

This means working on skills that you can carry with you wherever you go, unlike a bikini which is hidden at home while you’re at a business meeting.

And rather than focus on what you put ON your body, how about focusing on what your body can DO?

Take up powerlifting or martial arts. Train for a triathlon. Yes, plus size women have been known to complete triathlons. Physical pursuits are progressive; there are always new goals.

Stop trying to prove to the world that a woman can be a sex object at any size.

Start proving to yourself that your body can be trained to lift heavy things and that your body also comes with a MIND. This will give you far more confidence in the boardroom than wearing a bikini.