What are the causes and prevention of vomiting a thick mucus after eating foods like beef, rice and sauces?

It’s possible that the vomiting one experiences after eating an unpalatable dish — which could include meat or sauce, even rice — could simply be due to the taste and texture of the food itself.

But there are other circumstances under which one should not cast the barfing off as just a harmless reflex to a very disagreeable dish.

“Vomiting is a serious symptom suggesting a gastric outlet obstruction or gastroparesis (slow emptying of the stomach as in diabetic nerve damage),” explains Hugh Mai, MD, a gastroenterology and internal medicine specialist in Baltimore, MD.

“However, vomiting after eating certain foods may not be related to GERD or an obstruction, but rather, could be due to food allergies.”


For something as serious as vomiting after eating, even if it’s after the consumption of only specific foods, there is no home treatment other than to avoid the offending foods or their ingredients.

But that’s not a fix to the problem. It’s not normal to vomit after eating (unless you tried to force yourself to eat partially cooked fish that’s been sitting out for a day mixed with spoiled vegetables).

But if the food is fresh and/or fully cooked, you should not be upchucking simply because it happens to be very rich or sweet in flavor.

Also, if you’ve eaten “bad” meat or chicken, any upchucking that results won’t be right after the meal.

And if you keep throwing up your meats, this certainly can’t be due to the condition of the meats.

Something is clearly wrong with the way your body is responding to the food.

Dr. Mai says, “Further medical testing is needed to make a proper diagnosis and to receive proper treatment.”

Hugh Mai, MD, has 35+ years of experience and is well-versed in the endoscopic treatment of GERD. His areas of focus include interventional endoscopy, metabolic endoscopy and gut health.
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