If you have the classic thunder thighs, don’t count on mere dance classes to slash off this unsightly fat; there are much better ways to accomplish this!

Unfortunately, the dancing approach is one that many people take for stripping off fat, and one that may even be suggested by some fitness professionals.

I’m not one of them if the goal is to “get rid of” big thighs. Dance classes are not at the top of the list for this goal.

Dance fitness classes don’t focus on working thighs.

There are some muscles that may get worked hard during dance fitness classes, but the thighs simply don’t.

The upper body might get a decent workout, the midsection might be worked some as well, and the cardiovascular system can definitely benefit, but all these areas of the body are actively engaged and the thighs aren’t.

There might be a few dance aerobics moves that work the thighs for a bit, but that’s just not enough exercise to slash the fat in thunder thighs.

Getting rid of thunder thighs requires more than dance fitness.

Getting rid of thunder thighs requires working the quads and the hamstrings.

For effectiveness, this should be done using weighted exercises, like the leg press, dumbbell squat, barbell squat and deadlift.

Back squat. Shutterstock/Jasminko Ibrakovic


Deadlift. Freepik.com

Walking lunges, while you hold medium to heavy weights, are also valuable — as long as the weight isn’t so heavy that it interferes with proper form and full range of motion.

These exercises target the thighs specifically, toning the muscle and increasing the blood flow so that the fat is burned.

Weighted walking lunge. Shutterstock/Undrey

But these exercises also, when done intensely, incite a hormonal response that causes your body to suck the fat out any big fat cells all throughout your body, so that you get leaner overall.

Dance Classes Will Not Cure Thunder Thighs

Using dance fitness classes as the cure to thunder thighs is simply not a good suggestion.

These classes are better reserved for an aerobic workout to benefit heart health. You’ll get a training effect for your cardiovascular system. But this doesn’t translate to blasting out the fat in your hefty thighs.

So if you enjoy dance classes for the aerobic component, keep taking them. But to get rid of the thunder in your legs, you need to do more.

Those who have thunder thighs should do exercises specifically for the lower body in addition to their dance classes: intense compound weightlifting routines.

This includes sled pushing as well. This will force your entire lower body (and some upper body) to work like it has never worked before.

To maximize the fat-burn all throughout your body, include upper body strength training that targets the back and chest.

Lat pull-down for the back.

These large muscles will burn fat for recovery energy — which will partially come from your “thunder” thighs.

Lorra Garrick is a former personal trainer certified through the American Council on Exercise. At Bally Total Fitness she trained women and men of all ages for fat loss, muscle building, fitness and improved health. 



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