Ever wonder why, when men offer female pedestrians a ride, the woman is never middle aged, let alone senior aged? She almost always is under 30.

Offering Rides Has Nothing to Do with the Man Being “Nice”

If men who offer rides to strangers are supposed to be so “nice,” why don’t they offer rides to middle-aged women or even elderly women walking along the sidewalk?

Or maybe they do, but because older women are never raped and murdered by these guys, it never makes the news … wait a minute … you can’t possibly believe that, can you?

Really now, if these guys who offer stranger women rides are doing it to be nice, why don’t they offer their generosity to women such as the one below?

Don’t you think SHE needs a ride a lot more badly than a young healthy woman?

It’s only the YOUNG able-bodied women and teen girls who get offered rides! Hello? Do you smell something very creepy about this phenomenon?

Now here’s the thing about men offering rides to almost exclusively young women and teens:

How often is a female murder victim, who accepted a ride from a stranger who turned out to be her killer, over the age of 35? Or 30, for that matter? What’s up with that?

It has nothing to do with young women and teens being more physically attractive. Victims come in all shapes and sizes.

Perceived physical weakness isn’t the chief player, either: A teenaged girl is better equipped to fight off a predator than is a little old lady shuffling along the sidewalk.


“Women over 30 are less likely to be approached by strangers because the stranger wouldn’t see them as naive, vulnerable targets,” says Carole Lieberman, MD, forensic psychiatrist and author of Bad Boys: Why We Love Them, How to Live With Them and When to Leave Them.

“As a woman gets older she is more aware of the dangers that strangers portend — from personal experience and from headlines. She is less likely to accept a ride from a man who is significantly and visibly younger — unless she’s a cougar trolling for a cub.”

This phenomenon can be used by parents to help “proof” their daughters from accepting rides with strangers.

If the stranger really wants to help out, why isn’t he picking up elderly women, and elderly men for that matter? They need the ride more than a young healthy girl does! Point this out to her!

Ask your daughter point blank: “Have you ever heard of a case where a stranger offers a ride to an elderly person?”

Predators prey on young women and teens because, as Dr. Lieberman points out, they convey more naiveté and gullibility.

“Girls are more resilient if their personal experience, or what they have been taught by their family, makes them appropriately careful and more sensitive to the motivations of others,” explains Dr. Lieberman.

“They are also less likely to jump in the car if they have higher self-esteem, are following their own path in life and have been given self-preservation tools.”

Young women and teen girls will hardly be approached by a stranger in a car if they project a confident walk and posture.

And if they are offered the ride, they can be taught to run off as fast as possible or at least keep on walking on the sidewalk, not going anywhere near the curb where the stranger is cruising his car along.

Older women, however, should not assume that no stranger will ever offer them a ride. It can happen. They, too, need to have their radar on and their wits about them at all times.

Dr. Lieberman analyzes the psychological impact of world events, as a guest and/or host on all major media outlets. Her appearances include “Larry King Live,” “The Today Show,” “Good Morning America,” “Entertainment Tonight,” CNN and Fox News.
Lorra Garrick has been covering medical, fitness and cybersecurity topics for many years, having written thousands of articles for print magazines and websites, including as a ghostwriter. She’s also a former ACE-certified personal trainer.  



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