Men who judge women by their looks (“her waist is too thick”) are labeled shallow. But if a man prefers older women, he doesn’t care so much about looks.

But it seems that a younger man seeking older women would be more emotionally mature than a man who won’t look at a woman unless she’s at least five years younger.

Women must be open-minded to meeting younger men and stop casting all of them off into one giant box labeled “too immature.”

A secure, emotionally mature woman will not rush to judgment and automatically assume a man is too immature just because he’s younger.

When older men go after only younger women, do you suppose looks have anything to do with this? I have to believe physical appearance plays a huge role when an older man wants much younger women.

True, he may also be looking for someone to control and take care of, someone to make him feel superior. And this older man may want children; hence, a desire for only much younger women.

But I just know that a lot of the times, the older man seeks younger women because younger women, in general, have firmer, shapelier bodies than older women.

Their faces are more preserved. Fewer lines. Smoother skin. That older man seeks a younger, sexier body.

This is why when an older man has a much younger woman, she’s almost always attractive with a real nice figure.

You don’t see 45-year-old men chasing after much younger but very heavy-set women or thin ones who are homely.

Now, a man seeking older women, it stands to reason, isn’t as caught up with looks.

If he WERE, he’d be chasing after more youthful women. We all know that youth doesn’t guarantee knockout looks, and many 40-something women have bodies to kill for. But IN GENERAL, looks diminish with age.

So if you’re a woman who doesn’t feel very attractive, or gravity is catching up to you, and you’re looking for a nice man, don’t blow off a younger man.

If a younger man shows interest in you, he’s interested in what’s inside. And what’s inside will not fade with age.

Aren’t you concerned about dating that “more mature” older man who wants only more youthful women?

What will happen when age really starts catching up with you? He might dump you for an even younger women. This has happened the world over for decades.

A man who prefers older women places a high premium on emotional stability and character. This only stands to reason.

Ask any man who likes older women why he dates only older women. They’ll won’t say something like, “Because they have better legs than younger girls,” or, “Because they have tighter buns.” Instead, these men will say things like,

“They are wittier and more self-confident,” or,

“They know how to hold a stimulating conversation,” or,

“They know their way in the world.”

Ask men who date only younger women why, and you’ll very soon find ones who reply,

“They’re packaged better,” or,

“Their breasts aren’t sagging,” or,

“I want buns I can actually hold onto,” or,

“I want someone who can still wear a two-piece swimsuit.”

So NOW who seems more “mature” ?

Women should not blow off a man–who shows an interest in her–just because he’s younger.

There’s reason to believe that when a man likes older women, he doesn’t place a high value on looks–as far as the looks that are associated with youth such as small trim waistlines, smooth skin, no facial wrinkles, etc.

Lorra Garrick has been covering medical, fitness and cybersecurity topics for many years, having written thousands of articles for print magazines and websites, including as a ghostwriter. She’s also a former ACE-certified personal trainer for Bally Total Fitness.
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