Are you noticing that the cyst under your arm seems to disappear, then return, back and forth?

What’s really going on?

The cyst “can get enlarged and inflamed at times and make it feel as though it’s ‘coming and going,’” says Dr. Dendy Engelman, a board certified dermatologic surgeon with Manhattan Dermatology & Cosmetic Surgery.

She further explains, “Most cysts (although there are always exceptions) don’t resolve on their own, but they can certainly fluctuate in size and degree of symptoms (meaning sometimes they can be small and painless and other times they can be enlarged and painful).

“The other potential to consider in the underarm region is an inflamed lymph node.

“This can be the result of many causes — breast cancers, local infection or just a benign process. So, it’s always best to have axillary (armpit) growths evaluated.”

Versed in the latest techniques and technologies, Dr. Engelman provides a wide range of services including fat removal, mole excision, Mohs surgery and skin cancer treatment.
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