Sudden attacks of itching all over the body with a rash can mean one of several serious conditions.

What appears to be a rash may also be termed as “hives.”

“Paroxysms of pruritus (episodes of extreme itching) are miserable for patients and are often difficult to determine the etiology (cause) and to manage,” explains Dr. Dendy Engelman, a board certified dermatologic surgeon with Manhattan Dermatology & Cosmetic Surgery.

“Acute or chronic urticaria (hives) can be caused by internal illness (ex: thyroid disease, cancers, blood disorders, kidney or liver disease), medications, environmental exposures- – just to name a few.

“So, a full workup with a thorough history, physical, and blood work evaluation is critical to determining the cause.”

Versed in the latest techniques and technologies, Dr. Engelman provides a wide range of services including fat removal, mole excision, Mohs surgery and skin cancer treatment.
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