Sadly, some tall women hate their height status, totally unaware of just how blessed they are!

It’s amazing how some tall women despise being stared at all the time, yet other women will create “fashion statements” that invite continuous staring, such as tattoos, body piercings, extreme hair colors and provocative clothes.

So why, then, do some tall women hate being stared at?

If I were six feet tall, I’d wear high heels and walk through a crowded area, just to revel in the response.

It would be difficult to keep the smirk off my face, as one person after another stared bug-eyed.

If you’re a tall woman who’s despondent over your height, you’re no doubt thinking that I’m out to lunch with my assessment, because I’ve never been six feet tall and thus, never experienced all the staring.

But I know I’d love it and never get tired of it because, all throughout my growing-up years, I envied the tallest girls in the class, whom, I might add with great interest, WERE NEVER MADE FUN OF.

Plus, there really are very tall women who love the attention they get wearing high heels.

The tallest girl throughout my grade school wore glasses and was a straight-A student: a classic geek, and even with that added to the height, STILL, kids never so much as teased her, nor the other tall girls, one of whom was fat.

It’s a proven fact that tall women (who carry themselves with confidence) are more likely than short women to get promoted on the job. Ever see women journalists interviewing professional athletes?

They are practically swallowed up by the athlete and, I must admit, it looks kind of ridiculous, this tiny woman craning her neck up at the big guy, and attempting to compensate for it with a bellowing voice.

Very tall women would have a clear advantage. This advantage would also make its mark in any sales or management position.

Businesses like to hire salespeople (or managers) who create presence.

The shorter woman must work harder to create a presence, and it’s often in the form of an authoritative voice. It also comes in the form of a clomping walk.

Have you ever noticed that many women of average height or short stature, who are in management positions, loudly clomp down the building’s corridors? They are creating their presence.

In fact, the clompiest walkers in public always seem to be short women. I can’t blame them, because, let’s face it, being tall is a huge asset in this world.

As for creating their mark, all a tall women need do is just be there!

As long as she exhibits self-assured posture: no slouching, no slumping, and no ballet slippers! Flats fool nobody, by the way.

And they make a tall woman come across as lacking self-confidence. Flats convey the message that a tall woman is very uncomfortable with her body.

Flats convey the idea that a woman is not her own person.

  • Do you really, truly and honestly think those flats are the best looking shoes on the store shelves?
  • Aren’t you sick of buying them already?

One of the greatest assets to being very tall is seeing eye-to-eye with most men you ever encounter.

  • Why do many tall women find this a negative thing?
  • Why would you want to look UP at men? Especially at a man who’s pissed off at you?
  • Ever notice that when a man is angry at a woman, he uses his height advantage in an attempt to intimidate her? It’s almost ridiculous sometimes, when men do this. It once happened to me.

I got in an argument with the boyfriend of the girl who roomed next door to me at my college dorm.

Though he was 5-10 (I’m great at estimating heights, and he appeared to be two inches taller than my 5-8), he stood right up to me, and it was so obvious he was trying to exert intimidating authority with his extra two inches.

And there I was, thinking, Gee, I can’t loom over him. Nevertheless, I maintained my spot and refused to retreat, and stared him down. But still, that moment I would have loved to have been six feet!

Very tall women will never become “little old ladies,” because even after age-related bone loss sets in and tall women lose height, they’ll still come out on the tall side.

But me? I’m 5-8 and absolutely dread the day that I get shrunk down to 5-5. At 5-5, there will be nothing I can do to be “equal” to the average man, like there is now: Wear heels.

If tall women really need a confidence booster, I suggest they do a little volunteer work at a hospital full of sick people, who’d give anything to be tall and healthy.

Lorra Garrick has been covering medical, fitness and cybersecurity topics for many years, having written thousands of articles for print magazines and websites, including as a ghostwriter. She’s also a former ACE-certified personal trainer.
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