Here is a sampling of IBS articles:

Can IBS ever lead to colon cancer or even colon polyps?

Many with irritable bowel syndrome wonder if this disorder can ever pave the way to colon cancer. After all, the symptoms of both conditions are frighteningly similar. Continue…

IBS and back pain!

Yes, IBS can cause back pain. But how does this happen? And is there anything you can do to prevent this? Read more.

How common are narrow, skinny stools with IBS?

Have you read that narrow, pencil-like stools can result from colon cancer?

If you’ve been noticing narrow long stools lately, is this more likely to be IBS? Continue reading…

IBS or colon cancer ???

The symptoms of these conditions are nearly IDENTICAL.

So what should you think if you’ve been experiencing the classic symptoms of these conditions lately? Let’s put it this way:

The older you are, the more likely it’s colon cancer! Continue…

IBS and leg pain

Leg pain can have a number of causes. One of them is irritable bowel syndrome. Read more… 

IBS stools vs. malabsorption stools

IBS stools can look very strange; so can stools from malabsorption. 

Malabsorption can have many causes including cancer.

 Is there a way to tell IBS stools from malabsorption BMs? More…

Can IBS cause your stools to be dark green?

Have you been seeing dark green poops in the toilet bowl lately? Read

Can IBS cause pain in the belly button?

Or is this just an illusion? Go to article.

IBS symptoms vs. microscopic colitis

It’s no secret that often, someone with IBS is misdiagnosed with microscopic colitis, and someone with microscopic colitis is misdiagnosed with IBS.

 This should not happen, being that the diagnosis of microscopic colitis is dependent upon a tissue biopsy! Continue…

Can IBS make your stomach swollen?

Can that swelling in your stomach be caused by irritable bowel syndrome or something more sinister? Read more…

Can IBS make stools come out like pebbles?

Do you get pebbly stools? What does this mean? Go to article.

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