Here is a sampling of articles on bowel movements.

Do thin narrow stools usually mean colon cancer?

How often have you read that thin stools (“pencil-like” or “ribbon-like”) can signal colon cancer?

National Cancer Institute

How often have you read that colon cancer can cause stools to come out long and skinny because the tumor partially blocks the exit point of BMs, forcing them to come out skinny?

Though this is true, this doesn’t mean there can’t be benign causes of narrow thin stools. Continue…

Why can IBS make stools come out in little pieces?

Those of you who have IBS have certainly scratched your head on this one. IBS can definitely cause your poops to come out in clusters of pebble-like formations. Continue…

IBS poops vs. malabsorption poops

Malabsorption can be caused by numerous medical conditions, including cancer. Is there a way to visibly distinguish the BMs from malabsorption and the BMs from irritable bowel syndrome? Continue …

How common are narrow skinny stools with IBS?

You may know that colon cancer can cause BMs to come out long and skinny, or to appear like pencils or ribbons.

However, irritable bowel syndrome can cause narrow stools too. But how common is this? Continue…

Can dark green stools be caused by IBS?

Irritable bowel syndrome can cause all sorts of symptoms, and dark green stools are one of them. Continue…

Can dark green stools be caused by microscopic colitis?

Find out what’s going on when green stools result from microscopic colitis—which you may not even know you have…though you certainly will know something’s going on in your GI tract. More…

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