If you sit a lot every day, this not only can have very bad effects on your physical health, but also mental health. But there’s something you can do.

Excessive sitting has been nicknamed “the new smoking” because it can lead to many of the problems that smoking causes.

But the negative effects of sitting too much don’t stop at physical ailments such as high blood pressure, blood clots and an increased risk of heart problems.

A study shows that “sitting disease” may include ill effects on mental health.

The Work & Health Research Centre, Loughborough University, has presented disturbing findings about the effects of prolonged sitting.

The report states that on average, people spend over five and a half hours sitting at a desk every single day.

Of the employees who were surveyed for the study, about 70 percent did not meet recommended daily guidelines for physical activity.

Additional Findings

– People who sit a lot on the job are more likely to sit a lot outside of work.

– There’s a direct relationship between sitting time and body mass index (BMI).

– There’s an inverse relationship between the amount of time sitting at work and one’s mental well-being: As sitting time goes up, mental well-being DEcreases!

Or is it that people with poor mental health would rather sit than be up and about?

One of the researchers, Dr. Myanna Duncan, believes that getting up and walking over to a coworker to discuss business is more socially satisfying than staying in your seat and e-mailing that person.

The face-to-face contact may be better for mental health (unless you don’t like the coworker).

Excessive sitting at home, as well, such as being cooped up in your bedroom or the computer room, may discourage interaction with household members.

What can you do?

Have you ever considered a treadmill desk station to do your computer work — be it at the office or at home?

If this is not feasible, you can still reduce daily sitting time by standing whenever you CAN.

This means while going through your mail, texting, eating a snack, even putting on clothes.

Sitting at the Gym

You should also be tuned in to how much sitting you do at the health club in between exercises.


Do you really need to have a seat after the squats or bent-over barbell rows? Can you not stand between bench press sets instead of sitting on the bench?

No matter how winded or hammered you feel, you will recharge while walking about between your workout sets.

Sitting is not necessary to catch your breath and clear your muscles of an intense burn.

If you’re all about physical health, you should also be all about mental health.

Lorra Garrick is a former personal trainer certified through the American Council on Exercise. At Bally Total Fitness she trained women and men of all ages for fat loss, muscle building, fitness and improved health. 


­Top image: ©Lorra Garrick
Source: sciencedaily.com/releases/2012/01/120113210203.htm