If you want REAL body confidence, get off the bikini bandwagon and hop onto the deadlift bandwagon, because a strong back will support everything else you do in life.

The term “body confidence” has been all over social media for several years now.

What’s disturbing is that it’s difficult to separate the social media concept of “body confidence” from the objectification of women as sex objects.

If all you want to be is a sex object, then keep on posting images of yourself posing seductively in a bikini. You will be taken seriously only by those who have very low standards of what body confidence should be about.

On the other hand, if you see yourself as more than just a plus-size hanger for bikinis and other scant clothes, AND you want a super boost in body confidence – then you should start training in the deadlift exercise.

Nothing shouts body confidence like picking something heavy off the floor.

Because if you can do this, then you have a very strong back, strong arms and a strong grip.

These three features will significantly improve your life. For real.

Imagine how confident you’d be if you knew you never had to ask men to lift and carry things for you or unscrew jar lids.

What is the deadlift exercise?

• You stand before a barbell on the floor.

• Using correct, precise form, you grab the barbell (straight arms) and straighten out your body, so that in your final position, you’re standing erect, holding the barbell (arms still straight).

• Then with control, you reverse the rising position, setting the barbell on the floor.

The bottom of the deadlift movement.

The top of the deadlift movement. Shutterstock/SerdyukPhotography

It’s impossible to lack body confidence when your body can lift heavy things.

When you can finally pull 135 pounds and complete the repetition, your body confidence will be on fire.

The load of 135 pounds is a milestone because it’s created with an Olympic bar (45 pounds) plus a 45 pound plate on either side. The heaviest weight plate at conventional gyms and health clubs is 45 pounds.

The deadlift is a powerlifting move.
The sport of powerlifting consists of three lifts: deadlift, back squat and bench press.

Instead of spending hours every week holding onto a treadmill while “walking” slowly, thinking this hand-supported walking will transform your body, you may want to instead take up powerlifting.

“Powerlifting is great for giving a feeling of positivity because, along with giving the benefits of health, fitness and increased muscle mass and bone density, it provides objective and tangible proof of accomplishment and progress: the lifting of weight,” says Robert Herbst, a powerlifting champion who was warned as a teen by his doctor to never lift anything heavy due to his crooked spine (scoliosis).

“Not only is there a primordial and visceral pleasure and sense of satisfaction from lifting something heavy, but there is a real-world showing that their body is worth celebrating rather than trying to fit some subjective idea of what may be beautiful,” continues Herbst, who still trains hard with a crooked spine.

“In powerlifting one trains and then you either lift the weight or you don’t, but the beauty is in the struggle and the process, not in how someone thinks how you look.”

Would you rather have Instagram followers telling you that your “sexy, body tight, revealing clothes boosted my confidence,” OR… something like:

“Damn! How do you lift so much weight?! I wish I had your STRENGTH! Bet no guy ever messes with YOU!”

Body Confidence = Body Strength, Fitness and Health

Herbst explains, “Body positivity should not be a copout for people to let themselves be fat, unhealthy, and out of shape and say ‘accept me as I am.’

“Instead, body positivity should be people saying, ‘I have worked hard and am strong and healthy and this is the best version of me. I will not be a bikini model, but I can deadlift more than my bodyweight.’”

You may be wondering what a MAN knows about the struggles of plus size women accepting their bodies.

However, many plus size women are unhappy with their bodies based on what they believe men think of overweight women.

Clothes Are Just a Prop

Forcing yourself to wear shorts in public, a bikini at your complex’s swimming pool, or a tight mini skirt will produce – at best – a false sense of body confidence, let alone overall confidence.

The props get removed at the end of the day. But a physically strong body (which has a magical way of boosting self-esteem and mind confidence) is ALWAYS WITH YOU, even when you’re layered in thick clothes in cold weather or confined to modest business attire inside a building.

The Deadlift will Lift Your Body and Mind Confidence

• No jumping or bone-jarring moves.
• No flexibility or embarrassing positions required.
• The motion significantly carries over to the tasks of everyday living, e.g., no woman who can deadlift 135 pounds has difficulty putting in and lifting out her preschooler from a car seat.
Here is how to do the deadlift.

Robert Herbst, an attorney in his 50s, is a 19-time world champion and 37-time U.S. national champion.

Lorra Garrick is a former personal trainer certified through the American Council on Exercise. At Bally Total Fitness she trained women and men of all ages for fat loss, muscle building, fitness and improved health. 


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