“I wish I had your confidence!” say fans of the bopo influencer whenever she posts a shot of her plus-size self in a bikini or tight revealing clothes.

Granted, many plus size body positive influencers who regularly post to Instagram don’t have enough followers to generate income.

But a bopo Instagram user who has 100,000 followers may earn $5,000 per post if that individual has a partnership with a company or brand.

Imagine what an Instagram star with 1.5 million followers makes per post!

“I wish I had your confidence!”
For what? To pose for a shot that she knows she’ll get thousands of dollars for? Who needs confidence for THAT?

It’s a safe bet that if a woman had the skin of an alligator from head to toe and weighed 300 pounds, but knew that she’d get $5,000, let alone $10,000, every time she posted an image of herself in a bikini, strapless gown or what-have-you – she’d do it in a heartbeat.

Especially if she has a few young kids to take care of. That’s easy money for them, for whatever comes up, for if the house burns down or is destroyed in a tornado or hurricane, for the kids’ braces and private violin lessons, the 8,000 square foot house and all its amenities, frequent vacations to France and Tahiti, for the kids’ Ivy League college tuition, law school or medical school tuition, you name it.

What bopo influencer of 280 pounds is thinking, “I really gotta muster up my self-confidence for this photoshoot,” when she knows just three posts will reel in enough money for a new car?

But They Had to Start from Nothing

At some point, Instagram stars with plus size bodies were earning nothing for their posts.

One might argue that at that point, they had to have a lot of confidence to put up shots of themselves in swimsuits, lingerie and mini skirts.

But the “I wish I had your confidence” comments continue to pour in every time a mega Instagram bopo star puts up an image of herself in a bikini, tight leather mini skirt, low cut evening gown or some other attire that fat women are (supposedly) not supposed to be seen in.

Do not these naive followers realize that these images of so-called confidence are, to the Instagram star, a conduit to fortune? If you’re a fan, you’re making them rich!

NO CONFIDENCE NEEDED to pose in a bikini!

There comes a point where a bopo influencer is raking in so much money on Instagram that the belief that these women need confidence to post more images is just plain madness. Just utter insanity.

“You’re just jeeeeaaaaaaaaaa-luhhhhhssss!”
You bet your booties I am! Of COURSE I’m jealous of the fact that bopo influencers – or ANY Instagram star – are earning supersized bucks for every image they post to their Instagram accounts.

How hard is that? And you get to be a star, too, not just a moneymaking machine!

BUT…does this mean I’m jealous of their size, fitness level, health and past life circumstances that led to them developing a compulsive overeating disorder?

NO, NO, NO and NO.

In fact, the king sized queen of the bopo movement, who has 1.6 million IG followers, has to continuously live with the horrid memory of her very tumultuous childhood and teen-hood.

This is significant baggage to have to carry around to your grave, and being a wealthy Instagram star won’t erase the depression-inducing memories.

Of course, being rich and prone to depression and feelings of hopelessness (as this bopo influencer admits to) sure beats being POOR and prone to battling inner demons!

She appears to be over 300 pounds and does not need an ounce of confidence to post hoards of images that will generate enough money to send her young son and all his classmates to medical school after buying all of them a car.

No confidence is needed to get paid a ton of money for a photoshoot for a magazine, and then make another ton of money after you post those images to Instagram.