Are you embarrassed by all the belching you do after swallowing food?

Do you hesitate to eat out because you know the burps will be coming soon after you swallow?

Swallowing food should not trigger burping. If it does, then something is wrong – but don’t panic, because the most common cause of this embarrassing problem has an easy fix.

“Burping is due to excess gasses in the stomach or esophagus which is expelled upward,” says Dr. Edward Brettholz, MD, with Vanguard Gastroenterology in NYC, NY.

Dr. Brettholz continues, “Most common cause of burping immediately after each meal is aerophagia (air swallowing).

“If a person does not think they are gulping large amounts of air, they might be taking in excess air due to eating or drinking too quickly, drinking with a straw, smoking or chewing gum.

“Also, drinking carbonated beverages can cause an immediate increase in stomach gasses and burping.”

Other Causes of Burping Associated with Eating

“Gastritis (inflammation of the stomach lining) and Helicobacter Pylori (common stomach infection associated with gastritis and ulcers) can also cause indigestion and burping after meals,” says Dr. Brettholz.

He adds, “People sometimes swallow increased amount of air to alleviate the discomfort of acid reflux into their esophagus.”

Preventing Belching Right After Swallowing Food

• If gastritis, ulcers and infections have been ruled out, slow down your eating.

• Do not talk with your mouth full of food. Talking with a mouth full of food encourages gulping air as you swallow. It’s also very unsightly.

• Ditch the straw. Enjoy your beverage by sipping and experiencing the sensation of the drink all over the interior of your mouth – something that a straw prevents.

• If you’re talking, make sure there is sufficient time in between when you stop and when you sip a beverage or put food in your mouth, to allow you to make sure you’re not taking in air at the same time.

• Avoid spicy foods when you can.

• Replace carbonated drinks with water.

• Also make sure that the burping after swallowing isn’t just a strange habit that was somehow ingrained.

Dr. Brettholz lectures extensively and is involved in cutting edge research trials. He has special interests and expertise in liver diseases, GERD, inflammatory bowel disease and hemorrhoid treatment. Dr. Brettholz lectures extensively and is involved in cutting-edge research trials.
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